Paradigm RVC-12SQ In- Wall Subwoofer (Each)

Despatched In 1 - 2 days

Dual 356mm (14") High Excursion Drivers

Reference Quality With Vibration Cancelling Design

Low Profile Paintable Bezel

Sold Individually

Want big bass but haven’t got the got the floor space? Look no further than the RVC-12SQ in-wall subwoofer from Paradigm. With vibration cancelling technology and two high excursion drivers you’ll get huge bass and no shakes. Installation? No problems. Our custom installation team can do everything for you or your builder.


How do you get Reference quality performance (i.e. phenomenal output, breathtaking clarity, superb extension and speed!) out of an in-wall subwoofer without it tearing your wall to shreds with the first big explosion or tympani crescendo? Well Paradigm have a solution!

Serious high-output subwoofers produce real energy. However, the majority of in-wall subwoofers out there don’t (read: CAN'T!) produce serious bass, so vibrational energy isn’t an issue. Not so with the RVC-12SQ in-wall subwoofer. It’s like a dog off the leash. Free from the constraints of conventional in-wall design, boasting dual state-of-the-art 356mm (14˝) drivers in a cutting-edge Vibration Cancelling Design Architecture, it’s free to dig deeper for new levels of articulate, soul-stirring bass while chasing new heights in performance.

Vibration cancellation Technology: Bass frequencies are notorious for stirring up wall vibrations – not a good thing! Conventional in-wall subs excite these vibrations through a reactive force opposite to that created by the movement of the voice coil. We turned things around. In the RVC-12SQ the two woofers fire in phase, in opposite directions. This results in a physical cancelation of wall vibrations.

Paired with a matching Paradigm X amp, which can be selected via the impedance switch, the RVC-12SQ delivers bass that will rock your world, not your walls. For new construction an optional BX-12SQ backbox is designed to maximise output by adding precision low-noise ports. In truth, with the use of this backbox, performance is even a notch better!

Rigid Chassis and MDF Mounting: State-of-the-art system! A superbly rigid structure that easily withstands every decibel of the enormous power generated by the two state-of-the-art bass drivers!

Note: A backbox is optional with this subwoofer.

RVC High Excursion Drivers

Mineral-Filled Co-Polymer Polypropylene Cones: The Two 102mm (4”) x 356mm (14”) highly damped and tremendously rigid cones provide tight, well-defined low-frequency response with a weight and authority that does justice to the most challenging music and movie material.

Pleated Linear Corrugated Surround (LCS) & Ultra-Long-Travel Suspension: The over-moulded design produces truly exceptional peak-to-peak cone movement producing higher output and lower distortion—every bass note sounds distinct. Cone ribbing increases stiffness, reducing resonances to inaudible levels.

State-Of-The-Art Motor Structure: The motor structure features a 25mm (1”) 6-layer voice-coil, anodized high-temperature aluminium former and dual Nomex cloth spiders. The huge ceramic/ferrite magnets generate a truly enormous magnetic force field in the gap … always a plus in a subwoofer!

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Vibration-cancelling in-wall, two high-excursion drivers, die-cast chassis with MDF mounting frame
  • Low Frequency Driver: Two 356-mm (14 in) x 102-mm (4 in) mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cones
  • Low Frequency Extension: 17 Hz (DIN)
  • Overall Dimensions (WxH): 349 x 451 mm
  • Cut-Out Dimensions (WxH): 321 x 418 mm
  • Minimum Mounting Depth: 89 mm
  • Minimum Internal Volume Required: 28.4 L
  • Optional Backbox (Sold Separately): BX-12SQ
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg

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