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  1. Paradigm CI Home H65-SM (Each)

    High Quality Entry Level Series With Large Access Speaker Wire Binding Posts

    Dual 19mm Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome

    165mm Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Mid/Bass Driver

    Bezel-Free Micro-Perforated Round Grille

    Sold Individually

  2. Proficient Audio C625TT In-Ceiling Speaker

    Stereo Input Speaker With Dual Voice-Coil 165mm Woofer

    Twin Hard Dome Tweeters

    Efficient Design At 92dB

    Excellent Frequency Response

    Designed In The USA

  3. Proficient Audio C825TT In-Ceiling Speaker

    Stereo Input Speaker With Dual Voice-Coil 203mm Woofer

    Twin Hard Dome Pivoting Tweeters

    High Power; Efficient Design At 92dB

    Excellent Frequency Response

    Designed In The USA

  4. Paradigm CI Pro P80-R-SM (Each)

    Big 203mm (8") Mid/Bass Driver With Extended Bass

    Dual 25mm (1") X-PAL Dome Tweeters For Crisp Highs

    Rugged Design; Bezel Free Grille; Easy DIY Installation

    Mono/Stereo Input

    Sold Individually

  5. B&W CCM663SR In-Ceiling Speaker (Single)

    High-Performance 150mm Stereo Speaker with Dual Tweeters and Kevlar Driver

    Rugged Design, Easy Install, Up To 80 Watt Input

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More About In-Ceiling Speakers

It's fair to say that In-Ceiling speakers have helped keep the peace in many a domestic household! Let us assure you though that they have developed to a point where many of the high-end models will easily out-perform many high priced On-Wall or Satellite designs. So don't think they are inferior in any way. In fact in a Media Room - a multi-purpose room with doors and windows in difficult locations - some In-Ceiling speakers may be the only choice in a Surround Sound speaker installation! Of course, In-Ceiling speakers can also be used in a Multi-room set-up. Installation? Really simple for most DIY'ers or we can arrange installation in the greater Melbourne area.

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