Rear Surround Speakers

Rear Surround Speakers

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  1. SVS Prime Elevation Speakers

    Versatile Speaker Solution For Home Theatre Systems

    Unique SVS Multi-Angle Wall Bracket Included

    Aluminium Dome Tweeter, Long Stroke Polypropylene Cone Mid/Woofer

    Use For Surrounds, Rears, Dolby Atmos Etc

    Priced from $719.00
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More About Surround Sound & Rear Speakers

How do you like your eggs! Choosing Rear or Surround Channel speakers can have just as many options! On-Wall and In-Ceiling are the two most popular choices and even within these categories there are variations. Two is the minimum as in a 5.1 set-up, but it is possible to use more as in a 7.1 or even 11.2 set-up! The primary purpose served is to deliver ambience and diffuse sounds in a film or music soundtrack.

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