Stereo Receivers

Stereo Receivers

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  1. Pioneer SX-S30 Stereo Network Receiver

    HDMI ARC Equipped Stereo Network Receiver

    80 Watts Per Channel, Optical & Digital Inputs

    MM Phono, Subwoofer Out, FM Tuner

    Music Streaming Services Support & TuneIn Internet Radio

  2. Denon DRA-800H Stereo Receiver

    The Denon DRA-800H is everything you could want in an easy to use, easy to set-up and powerful stereo Hi-Fi network receiver

    Multiple inputs and outputs, including Phono and HDMI in/out for improving your TV sound

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Stereo Receivers

Ever since amplifiers existed people have been hooking radios up to them. So, it was inevitable that some bright spark came up with the idea of putting the radio inside the amplifier and thus the Stereo Receiver was born. The 1970’s were probably the heyday of the stereo receiver. This is when every audio company in the world was desperately trying to outdo each other in the race to produce the most outrageously over the top receiver money could buy. This is the era of huge VU meters, bass, treble and midrange controls or even a graphic equalizer, multiple phono inputs, selectable filters for almost everything, bright blue or green or red lights, polished knobs and buttons and switches as far as the eye could see and specifications that had vanishingly low distortion and hundreds of watts per channel. This was the sort of stereo receiver you bought after growing your handlebar moustache and purchasing that Harley Davidson.

Fortunately for all of us the stereo receiver has matured over the decades into a truly versatile centrepiece around which to build your audio system. Today it is no more ostentatious than your average amplifier. It still comes with a radio but instead of just being AM & FM like those 70’s models you can also get DAB+ digital radio and even Internet radio for the ultimate in channel surfing. Some companies have stuck with a quite traditional array of analogue inputs but more and more audio visual companies are realising that the stereo receiver can be so much more. Yamaha, Denon, Marantz & Cambridge Audio all now offer digital inputs and Bluetooth while some models include MusicCast & HEOS audio streaming to boot. HDMI is another recent innovation, which means you can now use your receiver as the heart of a stereo home theatre system. Brilliant

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