Denon DCD-800NE CD Player (Black)

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Denon Advanced AL32 Processing & Pure Direct Mode For An Involving Musical Experience

High Precision 32 bit/192 kHz DAC, Hi-Res PCM & DSD Support

Vibration-Resistant Design With Front Panel USB Input

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About Denon DCD-800NE CD Player

The Denon DCD-800NE CD Player uses unique technology and a clever design to get the most out of your silver discs. With Denon’s reputation for high quality products going back 100+ years, this might be the last CD Player you ever need to buy.

Denon is one of the rare audio brands that continued to actively develop Hi-Fi components and accumulate, refine, and pass down Hi-Fi audio technologies. The 800NE series, designed for today’s age, has been developed by both veteran engineers and talented young engineers who have inherited the Denon technologies and expertise that have been cultivated over many years and decades. The DCD-800NE focuses on achieving the essence of a disc player: ultra-high precision in reading discs and supplying high-quality audio signals to the amp. To achieve this, the signal paths are as short as possible and the whole circuitry is minimized. The engineers also redesigned the disc drive mechanism brackets and the chassis to eliminate vibration, the great enemy of disc players, and achieve ultra-vibration-resistant performance. The information on the disc is now read with impeccable accuracy and a clean, high-grade signal is supplied to the DCD-800NE’s Advanced AL32 Processing Plus circuitry.

Denon DCD-800NE CD Player

CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA and USB Supported: Audio is no longer confined to just CD’s. With the 800NE you can enjoy extended disc and USB support for your modern high-resolution audio collection. The DCD-800NE plays back your CD’s, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA formats. Or, plug in your USB to hear DSD 2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz in high-resolution. Listen to your favourite modern hi-res formats and feel the powerful fidelity the DCD-800NE provides.

Vibration Resistant Design: The vibration-resistant design of the 800NE reduces the adverse audio effects of heavy components within amplifiers so that sound quality meets Denon standards. Power transformers are fitted near the bottom of the DCD-800NE and immediately above the insulators to prevent unwanted vibration. By lowering the transformer, the vibration surrounding the chassis is reduced, resulting in pristine sound.

DAC Master Clock Design: To accurately synchronize digital circuits, the DCD-800NE’s DAC Master Clock Design treats the DAC as the master when clock signals are supplied. Positioning the master clock immediately adjacent to the D/A converter (DAC) suppresses jitter and ensures optimum precision in D/A conversion. In addition, the quality of the clock, which becomes the reference for semiconductor operation, is extremely important for ensuring that the digital audio circuitry performs at its maximum potential. The DCD-800NE thus employs a clock oscillator to dramatically reduce phase noise that is the displacement of frequencies. The clock power circuit has also been vastly improved to bring out the full potential of the high-quality clock’s performance. A conductive polymer capacitor with particularly outstanding high-frequency impedance characteristics for Denon’s renowned sound quality has been placed at the base of the clock’s power source, and an ultra-compact film capacitor that is different from layered ceramic capacitors has been placed close to the clock, to achieve an improved S/N ratio and a transparent sound with superior spatial expression. The DCD-800NE is equipped with two clock oscillators, one for each sampling frequency (44.1 kHz and 48 kHz), that can be switched between the frequencies to thoroughly suppress jitter.

Proprietary AL32 Processing Dramatically Enhances the Listening Experience: Denon’s Advanced AL32 Processor expands audio data to 32 bits and uses a proprietary algorithm to interpolate the data and perform up-conversion and sampling, achieving a playback sound that is close to the original source. Since high-performance devices capable of large-capacity processing read data samples across a wide spectrum and process them in a single stage, they interpolate signals with greater precision compared with multi- stage digital filters and other such devices. In addition, the use of algorithms ideal for frequency characteristics outside the audible range to filter sudden bursts of musical data or continuous sound at high frequencies protects sound quality from the adverse effects of aliasing noise or drops in high-range response. The Advanced AL32 Processor reproduces the delicate nuances of music, as well as spatial information such as the position of the artist and the breadth, height, and depth of the stage, in a more natural manner. High-precision 32-bit/192-kHz D/A converters have been used to bring out the maximum performance of the Advanced AL32 Processor. These D/A converters transmit differential output to each channel to improve sound quality during playback.

Pure Direct Mode: Pure Direct Mode turns the display off and feeds power and sound directly to the amplifiers, to bypass any processing that might otherwise colour the signal. What you hear is clean, detailed, accurate sound.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High quality compact disc player with USB input
  • Plays: CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3
  • Direct Mechanical Ground Construction: A vibration-resistant design that protects the sound quality
  • Processor: Advanced AL32 Processing
  • DAC: High precision 32-bit/192kHz D/A converter, to dramatically enhance the music listening experience
  • DAC Master Clock design with low jitter oscillator and Minimal Signal Paths
  • PCM, DSD2.8 and DSD5.6 support (DoP): Yes
  • Minimum Signal Paths: Protect signal purity
  • Pure Direct Mode: For pure enjoyment of music
  • Internal Parts: Strictly selected for high sound quality


  • Line-Level Output: 2 x RCA type
  • Digital Optical Output: 1 x Toslink
  • Digital Coaxial Output: 1 x RCA type

Other Features

  • Remote control (RC-1223) for CD, Network Audio Player and Amp operation
  • Auto Standby and low power consumption at stand-by 0.2 W
  • Frequency Response: 2Hz - 50kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 108 dB (24 bits) 101 dB (16 bits)
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 115 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:0.0015%
  • Power Consumption: 28 Watts
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 434 x 107 x 275 mm
  • Nett Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years.

 Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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