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Beth Hart

Bang Bang Boom Boom

Beth Hart - Bang Bang Boom

Beth Hart - Bang Bang Boom

Mastered By Bob Ludwig At Gateway Mastering

Mixed At The Cave

Cut At 33 1/3 RPM

Recorded At Revolver Studios

Pressed on 180-Gram Vinyl

Pressed at MPO; Label: Provogue

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Bang Bang Boom Boom is the 2013 album from the acclaimed blues singer/songwriter Beth Hart who takes in every element of her talent, but also every element of her story. It is, quite simply, a tour de force. The album begins, quite simply, in the bottom of a brown bottle, with Hart inhabiting the brave but broken majesty of Billie Holiday. 

Album Overview

Coming off of a brilliant performance at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, Beth Hart started the year 2013 with a Bang. Her album, Bang Bang Boom Boom is the follow-up to the highly successful soul-rock covers album Don't Explain, a collaboration with blues sensation Joe Bonamassa. The album features 11 original Beth Hart tracks and is an artistic statement that hits the bull's-eye, delivering on Beth's fizzing potential, and finding her at peace with herself and looking to the future.

"Baddest Blues" completely lives up to its title, sounding like the blackest part of night. The title track then bursts out like a dirtier, more dangerous kind of Adele song, suggesting more completely the yin and yang of this still-emerging star's vocal sweep. There is little Hart can't do as a vocalist, and she's finally getting a chance to prove it. The ninth track on the album treats the listener to a Joe Bonamassa guitar solo on "There In Your Heart". "This album is a new voice," she concludes, "and I feel it's a whole new place for me to go. I mean, I hope that I get to keep working for the next 40 years, and die old, and if I get that chance, I'd keep going down this pat. I'm happy. This album is a whole new start for me..." 

Album Features

  • Mastered By Bob Ludwig At Gateway Mastering
  • Mixed At The Cave
  • Recorded At Revolver Studios
  • Pressed on 180-Gram Vinyl
  • Static Free - Dust Free Inner Sleeve
  • Pressed at MPO Europe
  • Label: Provogue

Track Selections

  • Baddest Blues
  • Bang Bang Boom Boom
  • Better Man
  • Caught Out In the Rain
  • Swing My Thing Back Around
  • With You Everyday
  • Thru the Window Of My Mind
  • Spirit of God
  • There In Your Heart
  • The Ugliest House On the Block (feat. Joe Bonamassa)
  • Everything Must Change

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Bang Bang Boom Boom
Artists Beth Hart
Music Genre Pop & Rock
Record Speed 33.33 RPM
Record Weight 180 Gram
Record Type Single LP
Record Label Provogue
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.2500
Price Range $42.00


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