Focal Aria CC K2 Centre Speaker (Ash Grey)

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A Classy Solution To Match The Focal Aria K2 Range Of Speakers

Aluminium/Magnesium Alloy Inverted Dome Tweeter

Aramid Fibres Sandwich Mid/Bass Drivers

Dynamic Bass, Detailed & Articulate Vocal Clarity

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About The Focal CC K2 Centre Speaker

The Focal Aria CC K2 centre speaker is the perfect complement to the Aria K2 range of stand mount and floorstanding speakers when home theatre is part of the recipe. It is small enough to fit comfortably in almost any domestic setting and yet it has a large enough sound to match even the biggest, baddest Aria K2 speakers.

The Aria CC K2 centre, like all the Aria K2 series models, is a fairly traditional looking speaker that will fit into pretty much any type of interior. It’s kind of like the Rolex Explorer of speakers, suitable for any occasion. Which does not mean it doesn’t have same beautiful design touches. This K2 version features a high-end Ash Grey finish from the Utopia line for an extra dose of class and elegance while the rest of the speaker is wrapped with a leather look material for a sophisticated yet understated look. This speaker almost disappears with the magnetic grille on but comes alive with the wonderful look of the flax drivers when the grille is removed.

Focal CC K2 Centre Speaker

What Focal has cleverly aimed to do with the Aria 900 K2 series is create a range of "Affordable High-End" speakers. There really are no compromises in design, construction and sound which makes the quality to price ratio sky high.

The Aria 900 K2 paves the way for radical technology changes and brings a new design, combining stylish classicism with modernity. This approach befits new consumer thinking, now turned towards refined, long-lasting products. It represents a significant design shift away from earlier Focal speakers with their very strong design identity towards a more timeless, sober statement combining the mineral and the organic.

This is a dynamic sounding speaker with great vocal clarity and articulation which incorporates two 6.5” (165 mm) mid/bass drivers and is designed for rooms measuring from 20 square metres and up.

Aramid Fibres Sandwich Cone: The Aramid fibres sandwich cone, recognisable by its distinctive yellow colour, is the symbol of the K2 Power Car Audio line. Used in JMLab Vega and Antea high-fidelity speakers, the K2 sandwich cone was introduced for the first time in 1986 with the use of Polykevlar. The Poly-K cone is composed of two layers of aramid fibres, applied to either side of a hollow micro-ball structure in order to improve the balance between weight, rigidity and damping.

In 2016, the Aramid fibres cone evolved into the K2 cone, but preserved its identity and the combination of its three key factors: rigidity, lightness and damping. The goal: guaranteeing high-quality audio reproduction whatever the genre of music you listen to. It is now composed of a very light foam layer, between a layer of Aramid fibres and a layer of fibreglass, ensuring clear and precise sound, void of any colouration.

Even More Technology Behind The Aria CC K2: Of course, a good cone is just one part of a good loudspeaker unit. That is why the Aria CC K2’s transducers incorporate a new injected Zamak basket providing maximum rear decompression and Klippel optimised motor systems providing them with ideal magnetic field distribution to ensure linearity, acceleration and control.

The new TNF tweeter has an aluminium/magnesium alloy inverted dome, for low mass, stiffness and ideal propagation speed. This gives it outstanding acceleration over a wide bandwidth with low colouration. The lightweight dome is supported on Poron suspension (for linearity) developed from the Utopia tweeter. The tweeter has a front plate waveguide to ensure ideal horizontal directivity with low diffraction. 

Perfectionists' Cabinet-Work: Great drivers mounted in poorly designed enclosures will, sadly, sound like poor drivers. That is why the Aria CC K2’s cabinet is constructed from a combination of 18 and 24 mm controlled density HDF (High Density Fiberboard) with bracing at strategic points. The twin rear facing ports help enable deceptively powerful bass with almost no dynamic compression.

The Aria CC K2 is available in a high-end Ash Grey finish from the Utopia line for an extra dose of class and elegance. The rest of the cabinet is finished in leather with the front panel highlighted with brushed gunmetal trim rings. It exudes style and quality and will fit perfectly with both traditional and contemporary decors.

The Search For Excellence: The Aria CC K2 crossover is carefully designed using an expert combination of science and art. Given today's measurement and design tools, it is easy to produce a good loudspeaker (if one has the capacity to design them and build them consistently, of course). So, if one is content with the merely "good", the job is done and small corrections can be left to the crossovers. But for Focal, only the best will do and for the best, problems have to be resolved at source with exceptional loudspeakers that limit the role of the crossover to that of a frequency "signalman". Great loudspeakers take significantly longer to design and require marrying the art of listening with that of subtly modifying the crossover to give that extra something that makes a good loudspeaker great. These small "somethings" are what bring music to life, what make it so expressive.

Made In France: Focal designs and manufactures all its loudspeakers in France in its 17,400m2 R&D and manufacturing facility in Saint-Etienne. Having total control over design and manufacture brings huge advantages in terms of optimising designs: every loudspeaker in any particular range can have its own specific drive unit optimised for that specific enclosure. This also brings considerable advantages in the areas of innovation, quality and consistency of build. And that is why, in 2002, Focal relocated all its loudspeakers production to its manufacturing facility in Saint-Etienne, making it unique in the industry.

Our Take On The Focal CC K2 Centre Speaker

If your 2-channel audio system is built around Focal's Aria K2 speakers, the Aria CC K2 centre is the natural choice for the move to home theatre. Like the Aria bookshelf and floor-standing models, it borrows advanced technologies originally developed for Focal's acclaimed Utopia speakers. Most importantly, it uses the Aria K2 woofer and tweeter, guaranteeing seamless voice-matched sound across your front soundstage. Its reasonable size means the CC K2 will fit into most domestic cinema settings quite easily, but don’t be fooled, the CC K2 has a big open dynamic sound with great vocal articulation and clarity which belies its modest dimensions. If you are contemplating Focal Aria K2s and are thinking about the move to home theatre then this is the centre to have.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 3-driver, 2-way Centre Channel Speaker
  • Drivers
    • 1 x 25mm Aluminium/Magnesium TNF inverted dome tweeter
    • 2 x 165mm Aramid Fibres K2 mid/bass drivers
  • Sensitivity: 91dB (2.83V/1m)
  • Frequency Response: 57Hz - 28kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Low Frequency Point: 50Hz (-6dB)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Minimum Impedance: 4.3 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 40 - 200 Watts (Must be 'clean' undistorted power)
  • Crossover Frequency: 2,800Hz
  • Speaker Wire Terminals: Will accept 'banana' plugs or bare wire
  • Finish: Ash Grey
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 533 x 200 x 245mm
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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