Cambridge Audio S215 5.1 Speaker System

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This is the latest version of this incredibly popular 5.1 speaker system and includes the 200 Watt X201 Sub and five 4th generation Minx MIN 12 speakers.

Each has a 55mm BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) full-range driver.

About The Cambridge Audio S215 5.1 Speaker System

Do you enjoy genuine hi-fi sound quality but demand discreet style? Then take a look at the latest ground-breaking Cambridge Audio Minx 215 system! This system is ideal for the small room, lower powered Home Theatre Receivers or for those simply on a budget who still want something pretty decent.

At the heart of the Minx System 215 system is an X201 Subwoofer with a 200 Watt digital amp and five MIN12 4th generation satellite speakers. The Cambridge Audio MIN12 is a single driver satellite speaker that help give the Minx it's amazing size of sound from such compact and discreet units. The subwoofer also uses advanced technology but more on that later.

Cambridge Audio S215 5.1 Speaker System

BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) Technology: Already well established as one of the most popular small speakers on the market, the Minx MIN12 builds on previous models with a revised BMR drive unit. Now in its fourth generation, the BMR driver is better than ever. The new BMR drive unit uses a larger magnet for improved efficiency. Driver excursion has increased from 2.2mm to 4mm, giving enhanced lower-midrange for improved integration with subwoofer. Finally, the fourth generation BMR unit has superior uniformity of movement, meaning a more accurate sound, right across the frequency response.

New MIN12 Speaker: The Cambridge Audio Minx MIN12 Satellite Speakers feature a single 56mm BMR drive unit. These Cambridge Audio BMR drivers utilise patented "bending wave" principles normally seen in advanced flat-panel speakers, combined with piston-movement (backwards and forwards) like in a traditional speaker design. This type of design provides the Minx satellite speakers with a much wider frequency response as well as deeper and more powerful bass frequencies. This means that, unlike some small speakers, the MIN12 satellites are truly dynamic and won't turn harsh or brittle when the music or film action gets intense. This all adds up to incredibly spacious sound. The BMR driver design also adds value by delivering a much broader sound dispersion across the entire room, avoiding the typical "sweet spot" pitfall, for a more enveloping sound. The drivers employ a rubber surround for added durability and excursion and also utilise ultra-compact push-pull neodymium magnets for greater efficiency.

Engineered from acoustically damped thermo polymer and extruded aluminium, Minx is built to last and designed to suit any room in your home. Its sleek organic contours and a range of placement options make Minx a true design statement.

X201 Subwoofer: Next up comes the hugely impressive subwoofer. It may be the smallest in the family of Minx subs but don't underestimate the power of the X201! Like the other Minx subs, the X201 Subwoofer uses unique Cambridge technology to produce a bass response that is both powerful and tuneful.

At the heart of the X201 beats Cambridge Audio's sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processor). When combined with the digital amplifier, this provides exceptional bass from what is one of the world's smallest subwoofers. To maximise this advantage the bass cones are constructed of one-piece, aerospace grade aluminium. Configured with a single, powered cone and twin passive cones, the X201 uses technology never before available at this price range.

Although small, the X201 packs a mighty 200 Watts from its active amplifier and offers gain, phase and crossover control for full integration with the speakers. Finished in special, scratch-resistant, premium automotive gloss black paint, the Minx System S215 is the perfect match for many TVs and AV systems. Prepare to be impressed!

Speaker Wire Binding Posts: The Cambridge Audio Minx MIN12 satellite speaker is equipped with a pair of binding post terminals. The binding post terminals will accept bare-wire and spade-connectors. Banana type plugs can be used by "removing" the terminal inserts. The terminals are colour-coded (black/red) to distinguish between positive and negative and it is important you match all colours as it will mean better sound.

In The News

"Well, Bose is about to get a sound thrashing from the British boys at Cambridge Audio, whose brand-new Minx (with MIN10's) is even smaller than Acoustimass - especially the subwoofer - and simply better. Much, much better." Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times.

Our Take On The Cambridge Audio S215 5.1 Speaker System

Designed to connect to a wide variety of Home Theatre Receivers or Amplifiers, Minx instantly fills your living space with a tonal quality that has to be heard to be believed. Whether you’re looking to maximise your music or movie experience or add depth to your favourite TV shows and sports, Minx is waiting to show you what you’ve been missing. This is also a great idea for a TV sound system if you don't want a soundbar.

As impressive as the sound is, the fact that it comes from such a compact casing is astounding. Furthermore the compact MIN12 satellites include a keyhole slot wall mounting bracket as standard. For added convenience there's a range of stands and brackets available for a small additional cost. Choose from either a simple swivel wall mount, an elegant adjustable floor stand with integrated cable management, or a stylish aluminium table top stand. Whichever way you mount it, the MIN12 just "disappears" within the room.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 5.1 Subwoofer/Satellite System
  • Includes 5 x Minx MIN12 satellite speakers and 1 x Minx X201 subwoofer
  • System Frequency Response: 36-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Finish: Scratch-resistant high-gloss black or white lacquer finish
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Minx MIN12 Satellite Speakers

  • Recommended amplifier power: 40 -120 Watts RMS
  • Technology: Balanced Mode Radiator driver technology creates a wide soundstage
  • Driver: 1 x 56mm approx
  • Magnets: Ultra-compact push-pull Neodymium magnets
  • Cabinet: Acoustically damped thermo-polymer and extruded aluminium cabinet
  • Wire Terminals: Binding post terminals
  • Mounting Options: Keyhole slot wall mounting bracket supplied standard. Optional swivel wall-mounting bracket, floor stand, or tabletop stand available
  • Net Weight: 400 grams each
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 78 x 78 x 85mm

Minx X201 Subwoofer

  • 200-Watt RMS digital amplifier
  • Drivers: 1 x 165mm front-firing woofer and dual 165mm passive radiators
  • Cone Material: Single-piece, aerospace-grade aluminium cones move air with incredible efficiency
  • Crossover: Continuously variable 50-200 Hz crossover
  • DSP: Specially designed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for big bass from a small enclosure
  • Phase Switch: Adjustable phase control
  • Inputs: Line-level/subwoofer inputs and outputs
  • Sleep Mode: Auto on/off mode
  • Nett Weight: 5kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 210 x 219 x 222mm

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. Accessories and stands In Illustrations Sold Separately. E&OE.

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