Cambridge Audio Minx X301 Subwoofer

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Compact Powered Subwoofer With DSP And Auto On/Off

1 x 202mm Front Firing Woofer With A 202mm Passive Radiator

Powerful 300 Watt RMS Power Output. Frequency Response Impressive 31Hz - 200Hz

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About The Cambridge Audio Minx X301 Subwoofer

Do you enjoy genuine hi-fi sound quality but demand discreet style? Then take a look at the ground-breaking Cambridge Audio Minx X301 Subwoofer! It's punchy and is packed full of the best technology.

The Cambridge Audio Minx X301 is at the top of the X-range and strikes an ideal balance for many. At just 280mm squared, it's smaller than most of its rivals yet, thanks to two good sized 200mm bass drivers, the sound is anything but thin. Like the other Minx subs, the X301 uses unique Cambridge technology to produce a bass response that is both powerful and tuneful. This includes using the 'back energy' from the powered driver to actually 'drive' a second driver which is called an Auxiliary Bass Radiator or ABR. This idea is not new, but we think it works very well in Subwoofers. The ABR which is not connected to the amplifier adds just a nice amount of extra bass to fill out the sound without adding boom.

Cambridge Audio Minx X301 Subwoofer

Sophisticated Digital Signal Processing: At the heart of the X301 beats Cambridge Audio's sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processor). When combined with the 300 Watt digital amplifier, this provides exceptional bass with more than enough power to flap your trousers! To maximise this advantage the bass cones are constructed of one-piece, aerospace grade aluminium. Configured with both powered and passive cones, the X301 uses sophisticated speaker technology. Compared to the more conventional bass ports, you get a greatly enhanced bass response with far more detail and control.

Although reasonably compact, the X301 packs an awesome 300 Watts from its active amplifier and offers gain, phase and crossover control for full control and integration with a complete Minx system. Finished in special, scratch-resistant, premium automotive gloss white or black paint, the X301 is the perfect match for most home decors. Ideal for the largest rooms and for when neighbours just aren't an issue, the X301 will leave you thoroughly shaken and stirred!

A Sub For Bass Lovers: High-powered rock concerts, soulful jazz tunes, rumbling action flicks — the Cambridge Audio Minx X301 can handle all of it, and more. It delivers true home theatre thunder thanks to a powerful 300 Watt built-in amplifier. And it's carefully engineered to deliver audiophile-quality bass, so you can experience the visceral impact of big bass drums and baritone saxophones as if the instruments are being played right in front of you. Such room-filling performance might conjure images of a large, unwieldy subwoofer. But the X301 was designed with a surprisingly compact footprint — it measures less than 0.850 cubic metre - or a cubic foot in the old language which for me is easier to relate to!

Engineered With Passion: The Minx X301 uses a 202mm (8") forward firing driver made of a single piece of super-strong, aerospace-grade aluminium for amazing punch and attack. It's paired with dual passive radiators that add some serious mid-bass boost. Cambridge Audio's software engineers specially designed the sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in this sub, allowing it to pump out sensational bass from such a compact enclosure. You may even be fooled into thinking the X301 is several times its size.

Our Take On The Cambridge Audio Minx X301 Subwoofer

The engineers at Cambridge have certainly stepped on the gas pedal with the X301 and it certainly made us sit back and take note as I am sure quite a few of their competitors have done. In fact for us it is in the top two or three at the magic $1000 price point. Although not ultra compact as per the X201 it still cuts a lean figure with no excess fat on the cabinet so still meets the W.A.F. with relative ease. No question, when you pack a punch like 300 Watts RMS (not peak) and couple it to a rigid 202mm aluminuim cone you have the near equivalent of a muscle car in a sub!

So we would recommend for medium to larger spaces - upto say 28 square metres. Can honestly say Cambridge haven't left anything behind with the X301. It is hard to imagine that they could get anything more out of the sophisticated DSP circuitry and obviously the excess energy produced by the main driver really makes the passive radiator deliver smooth even bass. Will work well with a whole breed of speakers. Speaking in stereo terms probably up to about $1500 per pair would be our cut-off point before you needed something better. 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Power Output: 300 Watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 31Hz – 200Hz (-6dB)
  • Crossover: Continuously variable 50Hz-200Hz
  • Drive units: 1 x 202mm (8") subwoofer 
  • 1 x 202mm (8") passive radiator
  • Drivers: One-piece, aerospace-grade aluminium cones move air with amazing efficiency
  • Connectivity: Line-level/LFE subwoofer inputs and outputs
  • DSP: Specially designed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for big bass from a small enclosure
  • Phase Switch: Adjustable phase switch on back
  • Auto on/off Mode: Yes
  • Cabinet: Scratch-resistant high gloss lacquer finish
  • Power Cable: Detachable which allows for easy upgrade
  • Available Colours: High Gloss Black; High Gloss White
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 266 x 311 x 278mm
  • Nett Weight 7.5 Kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications subject to change without notice. E&OE.

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