Stereo Terminated Pairs

Stereo Terminated Pairs

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  1. WireWorld Eclipse 8 Terminated Speaker Cable (Pair Spade Connectors)

    Highly Transparent Speaker Cable Employing Octo DNA Helix Construction, 8 Conductors (48 Strand Groups) and Ohno Continuous Cast 7N Copper Conductors

    Low Loss High-Density Composilex 3 Insulation

    Single Wired With Silver-Clad Uni-Term Spade Connectors 

    Priced from $3,399.00
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Speaker Cable – Terminated Pairs

The best way to do quality stereo speaker cable is with a properly terminated equal length pair of quality cables with quality connectors professionally attached. Here at Audio Trends we can offer you exactly that. We have a range of pre-terminated cables to suit your every need. If you don’t see the length or type of cable or connector you are after, please enquire. In most cases we can customise the length, cable type and connector style to suit your specific requirements. And remember, we are always available to offer expert advice regarding speaker cable and how it fits in with the rest of your system.

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