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Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable


No cables, no anything! So, they are obviously important. But which ones are right and how much should you spend? Well that depends on several factors including the length and purpose. Audio Trends does not sell “no-name” cables of any type, but that doesn't mean you will be ripped off. Likewise it doesn't mean you have to take out a bank loan to buy the right product because we can sell you something good and at a sensible price. 

One thing that we must clarify is size. Many consumers mistakenly think that the "thicker" or bigger gauge the cable, then performance will be better. That is 1980's thinking and technology has made its mark on cables since then and particularly on high-end cables. Your goal with any cable should be to have a product that doesn't hinder the sound between components and sometimes when running longer than normal lengths, the gauge of the cable will be a deciding factor in the overall equation. 

Terminating your speaker cables with quality connectors not only delivers the professional look, but also ensures excellent connectivity between your amplifier/receiver and speakers. The connectors also make installation easy and eliminate expensive amplifier repairs with "shorts" caused by a stray cable strand.

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