Paradigm BX-10R

Despatched In 1 - 2 Days What's This?

Required For Some Paradigm In-Ceiling Speakers And Subs

Increased Sound Quality For Paradigm Speakers

Not Recommended For A Retrofit Into An Enclosed Ceiling

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The Paradigm BX-10R Backbox is designed for use with: PCS-80R, CS-60R-30, AMS-150R-30, SA-15R-30, SIG-1.5R-30.


If you want the best sound quality from your multiroom audio system than the BX-10R paired with your PCS-80R or other recommended Paradigm speaker or sub will be the Backbox for you.

Why Is a Speaker Backbox Important?

Sound Quality: A key step to acquiring quality sound is to keep that sound contained in your room and not being lost into the ceiling cavity. A Backbox does exactly that. The enclosure contains padding that dampens the sound and ensures the sound waves are distributed correctly without escaping. This process greatly improves your sound quality.

Soundproofing: Backboxes as stated in the above paragraph, keep your sound blasting in the right direction. This is immensely useful in a Multi-Floor living space or in a situation where the space between floors is minimal. Sound will not travel above the floor, meaning you can blast your music downstairs without disrupting someone watching a film upstairs.

Safety: The BX-10R is made from MDF and can be included in the construction phase of your house without compromising fire safety.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Compatible Paradigm Speakers: PCS-80R, CS-60R-30, AMS-150R-30, SA-15R-30, SIG-1.5R-30
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 546 x 343 x 184mm
  • Cut Out Diameter: 270 mm

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