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ELAN Smart Home

ELAN Smart Home

ELAN Smart Home


A term that we are now all familiar with is the Smart Home. This is more than just audio visual, but encompasses everything that can be connected to a power point - well almost! Often referred to as Home Automation, it includes automation of lighting, security, drapes, heating and cooling systems, household appliances and audio visual components and systems. Of course, with the advent of 'solid-state' technology in the early 1960's it wasn't long before Amplifiers came with the ability to connect a second pair of Speakers, then came the infra-red Remote Control and Home Theatre. At the same time, the PC was getting more powerful and the Internet arrived.

So it has been a natural progression for us to take up the challenge and bring it all together under the one roof. What is interesting is that the top companies in this field of Home Automation all started with Multi-Room Audio and have grown from that strong background! Why? Because that's the fun bit. It's why we want to go home. Sure, it's nice to have the garage door open automatically, or the drapes to close when it get's to sunny, but music and movies motivate us - we get excited about them. Well, we do anyway! We can do just a part or all of the following: (1) Multi-Room Music; (2) Multi-Room Video; (3) Lighting Control; (4) Home Automation.


ELAN Audio Video Distribution

After working with a number of different brands we now only work with ELAN products. There are several reasons, but (1) reliable products; (2) regular training and (3) after-sales-service are not only important to us, but benefit our customers as well and particularly if help is needed. The ELAN head office is right here in Melbourne so any issue is handled promptly. Who are ELAN? They are located in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and has manufactured innovative multi-room audio/video systems since 1989. Their systems were the first to integrate music, intercom and television distribution features that used the homeowner’s stereos, televisions and telephones to create the entire home entertainment experience. These “systems” allowed people to move room to room, controlling and accessing centrally located audio and video equipment with ease, and providing indispensable in-home communications for everyday living. Click here to visit the ELAN website and don't hesitate to contact us.


Custom Projects

Audio Trends has had a dedicated design and installation team for over 20 years. Click here to learn more about our services



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