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Van den Hul The Bay C5 Hybrid (1.5 Metre)

van den Hul

Stereo Interconnect Cable With RCA Plugs

van den Hul The Bay Hybrid C5 RCA Interconnects

van den Hul The Bay Hybrid C5 RCA Interconnects

Hybrid Coaxial Cable That's Very Competitively Priced.

Mechanically Strong, 5.2 mm Jacket Diameter.

Fully Equipped With Linear Structured Carbon

Cable Length Selected: 1.5 Metres
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Product Description

Audio Interconnects -
Make The Best Connection!

More than just an essential accessory, quality interconnects will transform a good system into a superb system. Upgrading from either the ‘freebie’ cables or to something better pays dividends if performance is important. Our advice? Better cables don’t have to cost a fortune, but don’t short-change yourself or your system, as the final listening experience is only as good as the weakest link. Buy a product that will both match your system and meet your expectations. Then you will be happy! For all components $100 to $100,000!

Competitively priced and exhibiting an excellent price-to-performance ratio, van den Hul The BAY C5 HYBRID has been specially designed for general purpose interconnect applications.


The design which includes a low conductor to conductor capacitance, a very high screening factor together with an over engineered high mechanical flexibility, have been successfully achieved to deliver superior transmission quality. The high quality conductor material used in this cable is large crystal Oxygen Free Copper with a dense silver coating. The BAY C5 HYBRID furthermore has been fully equipped with Linear Structured Carbon (LSC) saturated layers which are standard in their more expensive cable products. These layers dramatically improve transparency and imaging; By electrically bridging any metal crystal defects, a stable conductivity at the lowest signal levels is obtained.

The coaxial construction is made with a centre conductor consisting of 40 x 0.12 mm. strands exhibiting an effective cross section area of 0.452 mm² (AWG 20.6) and a resistance of 3.8 Ohm/100 meter. The centre conductor is coated with a layer of LSC and is insulated with foamed polyethylene. The cable capacitance is 110 pF/m. The double screen is made of a 16 x 6 x 0.12mm. stranded braid with underneath a Linear Structured Carbon saturated layer to further close the cable against HF signals and to dramatically improve the signal quality. The total resistance of the screen is 1.6 Ohm/100 meter. The external 5.2 mm. diameter jacket is made of red coloured HULLIFLEX 4, a material with superior properties compared to e.g. PVC; HULLIFLEX gives The BAY C5 HYBRID a very long life span without any ageing effects, so you won't need to replace them for many, many years.

In The News

"The entry level interconnect market is a hard-fought arena with a lot of very good models to choose from, but choose you must and our favourite is this lovely red VDH. From top to bottom of the range it's an impressive performer with good detail, giving insight into familiar recordings and making listening compulsive. Stereo imaging is excellent with great depth information and a cohesive all-round sound through the full dynamic range. It serves all types of music equally well and should be compatible with all manner of kit. The BAY is excellent value for money." - HIFI CHOICE MAGAZINE

  • Design: Stereo RCA unbalanced interconnecting cable.
  • Conductor Material: HYBRID: High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC + Linear Structured Carbon saturated layer(s).
  • EFF Conductor: Core: 0.452 mm² / Core: AWG 20.6 / Core: 40; Screen: 96
  • External Diameter Dimensions: 5.2 mm.
  • Resistance: Core - 3.8 Ohm/100 metre; Screen - 1.6 Ohm/100 metre.
  • Capacitance: Core-core: 110 pF/m.
  • Insulation: PE Foam Insulation.
  • Outer Jacket: HULLIFLEX.
  • Outer Jacket Colour: Red.
  • Length: 1.5 metres.
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Years.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Stereo Interconnect Cable With RCA Plugs
Brand Van den Hul
Colour No
Cable Length 1.5 Metres
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5000
Price Range $159


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