B&W CCM662 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)

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High-Performance 150mm Kevlar Cone

25mm Nautilus Swirl Loaded Aluminium Tweeter

High Power Handling; Rugged Design

Easy DIY Installation

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About B&W CCM662 In-Ceiling speakers

The B&W CCM662 In-Ceiling speaker is definitely up there when it comes to quality sound and will suit either multi-room or surround sound systems. With its 165mm woofer it is well suited to amplifiers in the 80 Watt to 125 Watt.

Hide the hardware and reveal the true quality of the music. From two-channel hi-fi to multi-room audio and home theatre B&W Custom Installation speakers are capable of delivering sound that is, quite simply, out of sight. Each model in the Series is designed to be installed neatly into wall or ceiling, fitting virtually flush to the surface. The only visible evidence of each speaker is its slimline grille and frame, which can be painted to blend perfectly with your interior style, or even covered with co-ordinating fabric.

So forget cabinets, forget cables and focus all your attention on the pure aesthetics of your living or work space. While B&W Custom Installation speakers are made to disappear from view, they produce a sound that’s anything but shy and retiring. Harnessing the same Bowers & Wilkins technologies found in recording studios around the world, the speakers will fill a room with stunningly lifelike, three-dimensional sound. The result is a series that’s near invisible to the eye. But infinitely pleasing to the ear.

A Closer Look

The high-performance CMM662 in-ceiling speakers feature a Nautilus swirl-loaded 25mm (1") aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response. This is a great feature when the speakers cannot go in the exact location you would like due to some structural issue. Other highlights include a 150mm (6") bass/midrange driver with a rigid chassis. The maximum amplifier power output is suggested at 125 Watts per channel which covers the majority of amplifers and most consumer needs. We would recommend a maximum input of 100 Watts per speaker which is very loud! In fact if you do think you will push the speakers hard, then consider buying the CCM682 which have the larger 200mm bass/mid driver. Installation couldn’t be easier with thanks to the QuickDogs fixing system - a nifty little B&W invention - and plug-and-play connection.

Great Sound From Any Angle: In most installation set-ups, listeners will rarely stand or sit directly underneath the speakers. This is why most Bowers & Wilkins speakers including the CMM662's feature both a variable angle-tweeter and an EQ switch; the combination of which allows you to enjoy perfect sound no matter where your favourite seat is in the room. The switch is conveniently located on the front of the baffle and has three positions 0°-15°-30°. The CM662's are compatible with 8 Ohms and for their price have an amazing frequency response of between 45Hz and 50kHz. 

Advanced Technology: Trickle down technology from the high-end home audio series has now found it's way into the entire CM6 Series. The advanced dome tweeter ensures nice, clear highs. The Nautilus inspired aluminium tweeter domes are exceptionally rigid and deliver extremely uniform and instantaneous power response. The advanced high-power blue Kevlar brand bass/mid cones have larger than average, computer-optimised magnets and high-power motor structures that promote natural and detailed sonic reproduction with outstanding extended bass response. The crossover networks are very sophisticated by any standards.

Tip: When used as surround channel speakers the CMM662's should be located just behind and either side of the listening position. Try to avoid corner locations for any of the speakers and to ensure that the acoustic environment around each speaker is similar.

Research - Building Projects: If you are reading this material as part of research of a new building product, then you may be surprised to know that on average in the USA, 65% of all new homes built have multi-room sound in some description specified as a standard feature. Although we don't have the exact figures for Australia, we're fairly confident that it will be the same or even more. Australian's love new technology.

But sadly, the big home builders have looked at this as a simply a profit opportunity and unless you organise otherwise will install what are known as "contractor series" speakers. If you guessed that these were bottom of the pile quality, you'd be right! A wrong decision here means you are stuck with bad sound and until the day you move or have them replaced.

Tip: Due to a simple lack of knowledge, many consumers think that In-Ceiling Speakers are a cheap option/alternative to other types of speakers. However, good quality In-Ceiling Speakers need some serious engineering to work well in your ceiling where dust and extremes of temperature take their toll. Some models have 'boxes' that you can buy as an optional extra which protect not just from the elements but are also meet one-hour fire-proof specifications.

Buyer Beware: There are dozens if not hundreds of In-Wall and In-Ceiling brands on the market. In fact, if you order enough, the Asian manufacturers will put any name you like on them! Don't laugh, because it is actually happening and boy are they cheap...but also nasty - real nasty!

The good news is that you can now buy In-Ceiling Speakers that actually deliver very good sound and UK brand B&W is living proof - everything they put their name to is designed in house including their In-Wall and In-Ceiling products which although mostly unseen could be referred to as "buried treasures."

Our Take On The CCM662's

By purchasing products like the B&W CM662's you will be better off and eliminate all the headaches and disappointments with lower quality products. Additionally, they have an extremely rigid, high-strength chassis with a unique and easy-to-install mounting bracket system. However, with a 88dB SPL and if being used as surround sound speakers they do need a 'beefy' or high-current amplifier capable of delivering at least 100 Watts RMS output per channel and preferably more...like 125 Watts plus. In fact if you don't have that power output available, then consider the CMM662's which will work exceptionally well with 100 Watt amplifiers and cost quite a bit less.

For those of us that have not only a need for In-Ceiling speakers, but a desire for something that has been designed to sound as good as possible, Bowers & Wilkins is a company you can trust. Looking at the improvements they've made in the different lines over the years, shows clearly that they are thinking about the specific use of the speaker in the home environment and even in the future. The products are also compliant with the latest international enviromental standards for end-of-life disposal.

You'll enjoy superior In-Ceiling performance at a competitive price with any of the Bowers & Wilkins CM Series custom speaker range. The CM662's are suitable for rear surround speakers in a pretty substantial home theatre set-up as well as in multi-room Stereo music systems where something better than just "also ran" performance is a requirement. Easy 1-2-3 DIY installation or we can arrange via our Installation department - Speak with me, Simon Lee on (03) 9874-82333 during our business hours, or email me at [email protected]

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold As A Pair)
  • Drivers: Two
    • Tweeter: 1x 25mm (1") Nautilus™ swirl loaded aluminium dome tweeter
    • Bass/Midrange: 1x 150mm (6") blue Kevlar® cone bass/midrange
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 Watts for background levels upto 125 Watts RMS
  • Recommended Maximum Input: 100 Watts RMS of 'clean' power
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz - 50kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: Not stated
  • Crossover Components: Non-Ageing Components
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms (nominal) - 4.5 Ohms minimum
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Finish: White - can be painted
  • Dimensions(WxD): 240 x 133mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg each
  • Designed In England
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years. (Covers faulty workmanship and materials, but not abuse)

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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