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Rega Turntable Trade-In Promotion

Rega Turntable Trade-In Promotion - Finishes 12 May 2019

April 2019 - For a very limited time you can trade in your old turntable, any brand - working or not, and save big on a brand new Rega turntable. For instance, if you trade in your old turntable on a Rega Planar 1 you get $100 off which means you can pick up one of these great little turntables for only $449. If you want to be a little more ambitious and have your eye on, say, a Planar 6 with an Ania moving coil cartridge we will give you a whopping $400 for your old turntable and you end up paying just $2,399 for this magnificent beast.

To be eligible for the Trade-In promotion please bring your old turntable into Audio Trends, Ringwood and our sales staff will be happy to help you upgrade to one of the many wonderful Rega turntables we sell. Hurry, offer ends 12 May 2019.  Rega Turntable Trade-In Promotion


Pro-Ject Phono Box E BT Phono Preamp with Bluetooth

Pro-Ject Phono Box E BT Phono Preamp with Bluetooth

March 2019 - Pro-Ject have a good reputation for those in the know and although the Phono Box E BT is bargain priced, it still includes advanced circuitry and SMD construction to keep noise and distortion to a surprisingly low level. Built-in internal shielding and an outboard DC power supply leave no risk for external interference.

In a unique wrinkle, the Phono Box E BT features Bluetooth streaming. It has two selectable inputs, one is the high quality moving magnet phono input which is for connecting your turntable and the second is a line level input for other components such as CD players, MP3 Players, Tuners etc. The Phono Box E BT sends an analogue signal via a stereo 3.5mm socket and simultaneously outputs via Bluetooth over a range of approximately 10 metres. This allows it to send music to your amplifier’s line level or AUX inputs and also stream music to a pair of Bluetooth Speakers or Bluetooth Headphones or any other Bluetooth receiving device.  Pro-Ject Phono Box E BT Phono Preamp


 NAD C 658 Preamplifier-DAC-Music Streamer

NAD C 658 Preamplifier/DAC/BluOS Music Streamer

March 2019 - As we move deeper into the 21st Century the way music is distributed and enjoyed continues to evolve away from physical media to streaming. It also has moved away from analogue to digital. The C 658 has incorporated these fundamental truths to create an entirely new type of component that combines a Network Streamer, a state-of-the art DAC, and many aspects of the traditional Preamplifier into a single highly cost effective package. And thanks to NAD’s exclusive Modular Design Construction, it will keep pace with the latest technology, not yet introduced, but inevitably coming in the future.

While the C 658 immediately replaces (or adds) your Streamer, DAC, and Preamp, it also adds many new features you may not be aware of, like a Bluetooth aptX HD transmitter to use with your wireless headphones. The highly flexible outputs allow for a true balanced connection to powered speakers or amplifiers. A highly sophisticated MM Phono input is also included along with line inputs for analogue components.  NAD C658 Preamp/DAC/Music Streamer


Sonos Amp - Network Music Player & Amplifier

Sonos Amp - Network Music Player & Amplifier

February 2019 - The new Sonos Amp is a versatile amplifier that is easily controllable and built to last. Stream everything you love and enjoy high-fidelity performance with an amp that will only improve over time.

Sonos Amp packs 125 Watts per channel to power high-fidelity sound and streaming capability for turntables, TV, architectural, bookshelf, outdoor, and floor-standing speakers. Create the ultimate entertainment system and stream from over 100 services. Control is easy with the Sonos app, AirPlay, the touch interface, or your voice via smart devices like Sonos One. Platform integrations help streamline control of your smart home, so you can control your system with a universal remote or keypad. And because Sonos continually updates with new features and services, your experience will improve over time.  Sonos Amp - Network Music Player & Amplifier


AudioQuest JitterBug

AudioQuest JitterBug

January 2019 - Upgrading your hi-fi system needn’t always involve a hefty blow to your wallet. There’s always an affordable little tweak here and there, which can make a world of difference. With a traditional hi-fi set-up, it could be something as simple as upgrading your speaker cable or interconnects. With a computer based audio system, it could be introducing a little critter like the AudioQuest JitterBug.

Slightly larger than your average USB memory stick, the JitterBug is a little bit shorter and chunkier than the company’s excellent DragonFly Black & Red USB DACs. It plugs into your computer’s USB socket, acting as a link in the chain between your computer and DAC, whether it’s a standalone converter or housed in a headphone amp or traditional stereo amp. The thinking goes that there’s a lot of noise and interference coursing through the circuitry of your average desktop computer or laptop, including its USB connections. The main source of this interference is your computer’s own power supply. Subsequently this noise and interference can pass into your DAC through both the power line and data lines of a USB port. The Jitterbug’s job is to act as a passive filter and dissipate any noise before the signal enters your DAC.  AudioQuest JitterBug


Audio Trends Specials & Gift Ideas

Audio Trends Specials & Gift Ideas

December 2018 - Specials: Here at Audio Trends we have permanent special prices on many great products on our web site. These are ongoing specials and will not appear on our Specials page. Sometimes, however, a limited time special offer will become available. This is where you will find these time sensitive specials so you might want to check here on a regular basis so you don't miss out. Sometimes these are products we are looking to clear or just a special bulk discount which we want to share with you. Whatever the reason, you will want to get in quick, because once these bargains are gone, they're gone. Happy shopping.

Gift Ideas: Sometimes it's not a special price you are after but a special gift idea. It may be for a friend, relative, loved one or even yourself. So what to do you buy when you have a certain amount to spend and absolutely no ideas? Let Audio Trends help take the stress out of finding the perfect gift. Browse our Gift Ideas and you may find just what you're looking for. Happy hunting.  Audio Trends Specials & Gift Ideas


Buy Two Sonos Ones for just $499 until 27 May

1 May 2018Have you heard the news? Alexa is now enabled on the Sonos One and to celebrate we are offering two Sonos Ones for just $499. That’s a terrific saving of $99. Only for a limited time so get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out.

In case you’re not up to speed on Alexa, it is Amazon’s voice assistant which has been built into the Sonos One from day one just waiting for the introduction of Alexa to Australia. And that day has now come. We have set our Sonos Ones up with Alexa in-store and have had great fun telling the little speakers what to play and asking ever so politely what the weather will be today. Hands free voice control is certainly helpful when you’re cooking or in the shower and you’ll probably think of heaps of ways Alexa can make your life better. Streaming has never sounded so versatile or cost effective. Shop Sonos One



Record Store Day - Saturday 21 April 2018

19 April 2018It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the last Record Store Day. Doesn’t time fly when you’re playing vinyl. Naturally the enthusiast crew here at Audio Trends are pleased to offer you some mouth watering special giveaways on popular turntable models from Pro-Ject & Rega. And, to entice you even further we have a vast array of pretty cool records which we acquired recently and have on display in-store for purchase. There is something for everyone from rock to classical and everything in between. Come on down and check out our turntable specials and our new records. If you live far away you can still share the love by purchasing online. Shop Record Store Day Specials




4K Picture Quality For Under $5K? You’d Better Believe It.

6 February 2018 – Vivitek's new DLP Ultra HD Home Theatre Video Projector is the answer to the question you thought had no answer - how do I enjoy 4K picture quality for less than $5K? The answer is the Vivitek HK2288. Bring it on!

The good folk at Australian Best Buys 2018 were very impressed and had this to say: The Vivitek HK2288 is an impressive Ultra-HD projector, indeed one of the most impressive projectors we’ve seen in quite a while. We’re impressed with the contrast and colour of this projector on the big screen, and we note also a pleasing raft of ‘green’ initiatives at Vivitek — lead-free operations, recycling use, a strong emphasis on low-power consumption. And at the asking price of $4999, it’s really quite the bargain. Regular Blu-ray looks top notch, and Ultra-HD Blu-ray steps into near virtual reality. Shop Vivitek HK2288


Klipsch Headphones - Sonically Superior, Unparalleled Comfort

20 January 2018 – Klipsch provides some of the very best headphones for your listening pleasure. They are absolutely in the "sonically superior" category delivering unsurpassed comfort, noise isolation, musical accuracy and bass. Bring the concert to your ears with Klipsch On-Ear or Over-Ear headphones. These headphones provide the ideal blend of sound quality, comfort, and portability. Free yourself from background noise and listen to your music the way it was meant to be. Then there is Klipsch In-Ear headphones. Their patented oval ear tips naturally fit the shape of your ear canals, delivering the ultimate in comfort while offering superior noise isolation and sound quality. If it's control you want, whether you use an Android™, iPhone®, Blackberry® or Windows® smartphone, Klipsch have something for you in our selection of headsets. At the heart of every Klipsch product is over 70 years of audio expertise beating strong.  Shop Klipsch Headphones


Rega Planar 6 - All The Turntable You May Ever Need

14 December 2017 Audio Trends have been fans of Rega products for over 30 years and particularly the original Planar 3, then the P3 & RP3 and in more recent times, the return of the Planar 3 which has proven to be an absolute winner. For many, the price and performance balance of the Planar 3 - typically around $1,300 to $1,400 with cartridge - delivers a very satisfying level of performance. However, pay approximately another $1,000 and you get to play with the Planar 6! Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product which, if used correctly, will offer you a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The Planar 6 is fitted with a hand assembled RB330 tonearm, precision main bearing and a low vibration, low noise 24v motor with a NEO electronic power supply hand matched to each individual motor to reduce vibration. The minimalist design of the Rega Planar 6 plus the use of extremely high quality components, ensure that your very precious turntable should last for many years. Shop Planar 6 or Planar 6/Exact or Planar 6/Ania


Sony 4K Projectors Do It Right!  But Beware, Many 4K Projectors Are Not What They Seem.

14 November 2017 – It may come as a surprise that not all 4K projectors are created equal. The absolute best way to project 4K content is with a projector that features Native 4K Resolution. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Unfortunately there are many, so called 4K projectors out there that are using pixel shift or switch technologies to claim 4K resolution. These projectors use 2716 x 1528, 2560 x 1600 or even plain old 1920 x 1080 pixel panels together with electronic trickery to try to make your brain think you’re seeing a real 4K image. Naturally the results vary, but one thing is clear – this approach is no match for the real thing – Native 4K resolution built in. Fortunately there is one brand that has developed 4K the correct way from day one and that, of course, is Sony. Their 4K Projectors feature 3 x SXRD True 4K panels with no less than 4096 x 2160 pixels on each panel. If you want 4K done right – buy a Sony.  Read More or Shop Sony 4K


Sonos One Wireless Speakers with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistance Built-In - Buy Now 

25 October 2017 - We are excited to announce the arrival of the new Sonos One. The snappy Sonos One lets you enjoy music from the Internet, including local & international radio stations, as well as songs stored on your home computers - without filling your room with a mountain of complicated audio gear. It's perfect for small rooms, the office, study, workshop and, in usual Sonos style, setup is as easy as pushing a button. Why not pair two One's and configure them for beautiful stereo sound. The exciting new Sonos One is the first Amazon Alexa controlled wireless speaker, with first class audiophile sound built in. Offering easy setup and clear sound & simple placement, why wouldn't you want to get one, two or even three of these superb wireless speakers?   Read More



B&W PX Audiophile Headphones - Pre-order Now 

11 October 2017 - The B&W PX headphones are B&W's first headphone to feature both Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling - and it's actually the company's first noise cancelling headphone of any kind. Pre-release auditions confirm great sound quality and this is coupled with incredible styling. In typical B&W fashion the build quality and design of these headphones is absolutely first class. The PX is comfortable to wear and very sturdy with memory foam-equipped, elliptical-shaped ear cushions that adhere magnetically and are easily replaceable. Like earlier wireless Bowers & Wilkins headphones, the PX comes with a quilted carrying case and a cable for listening in wired mode so you can plug into an in-flight entertainment system. It's worth noting that this headphone charges via USB-C, not Micro-USB, and its battery life is rated at 22 hours with wireless and noise cancelling turned on.   Read More


Get Your Tickets To The Hottest Event 

4 October 2017 - For one night only we have two giants of the audio industry appearing live and in person and only at Audio Trends In Ringwood. No doubt with a glass of the finest French champagne in hand, Monsieur Christophe Cabasse will be presenting the latest cutting edge designs from the fine French company that bears his name.

Proving that good things come in threes, we have a trifecta of Naim representatives for your evening entertainment. Presenting the stunning new Uniti range will be Naim’s main man in Australasia – Mr Chris Murphy, together with his gorgeous assistant, Debbie Stanton. They will have a special guest with them, a man who is the life of the party after a Guinness or two, the engaging Englishman - Dan Poulton - Head of Export Sales for Naim Audio.  Read More


Klipsch - Telling It How It Is - For 70 Years

22 September 2017 - Once again, we proudly welcome Klipsch to the Audio Trends family! A collection of modern and sophisticated speakers. We won't deny it, we are a little bit excited. Paul Wilbur Klipsch (PWK) was an American audio pioneer, a true eccentric and a proud member of the engineering and science hall of fame. He gave rise to speaker technologies that would forever impact generations of music lovers. It all started in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas way back in 1946  when PWK, genius, madman and maverick, designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn speaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room. In the understatement of the century, we'd say he succeeded. The tin shed is now a full-fledged factory with its own cabinet production line and the company’s headquarters have moved to Indianapolis, Indiana; however, the mission remains to create the world's best speakers.  Read More


New Bose QC-35 II - Noise Cancelling Headphones

19 September 2017 - They are here, the new Bose QC35 II's have just hit the shelves here at Audio Trends and boy are we excited. We've stocked up and thought you would like the opportunity to purchase these at a much cheaper rate, simply for being our customers. Pretty good huh? The new QC35 MkII have the Google Assistant built right into the headphones. That means you can play music, receive texts, manage your daily tasks and get answers - all with your voice. Just press and hold the Action button, and start a conversation with your Assistant. And the QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II still feature the world-class noise cancelling technology that blocks noise and lets you lose yourself in your music. Read More



Spring Clean Speaker Sale

31 August 2017 - It's finally Spring and the buds are blooming, the lawn is growing (fast) and we have new and exciting products about to hit the store. But we have a problem, there is no room in our store for more stock! We have too many speakers and we need to move them ASAP!

We have floorstanding, bookshelf, subs and wireless speakers, both new and display models that we and we need to clear. You’ll save a minimum of 20% all the way through to 70% off some models. Our floor stock is in excellent condition and everything comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Read More



Record Store Day

22 April 2017 - It’s April now and unfortunately the weather has gone to pot over most of the country. So what better way to spend cooler, rainy, windy days than listening to your hi-fi system? In particular it’s a good time to be listening to your precious vinyl collection as Record Store Day looms. Saturday 22 April is the day and to celebrate we have lots of record related specials in-store and on our web site. So, browse the links below and take advantage of the wide variety of audio bargains to be had at this time of year. And don't forget to visit us on Saturday 22 April for some Record Store Day madness. Read More

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