There you sit, happily at home. Your favourite flick is on your 4K screen and cinematic sound from your home theatre setup is filling every corner of the room. A decade or so ago, this might not have been possible. For others, it might be the next possibility.

Since the dawn of time (or early 1900s, take your pick), moving pictures and the cinema were the perfect duo. Like Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Garth and Wayne. They were synonymous with dinner and a show. The perfect date night: easy to plan, predict and budget for. But a lot has changed since a Charlie Chaplin premiere. Especially technology.

Not only have digital streaming services, movies on demand and popular cable shows come to rival Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, the ability to enjoy your favourite movies at home has also become increasingly affordable and gratifying. In fact, the experience at home might be even better than a night out at the movies.

Here's five reasons why staying at home is better than going to your nearest Cinema:

1. Cost. This one’s a no-brainer. First the ticket price which can be up to $20 depending on the movie and the Cinema. Then there’s the popcorn conundrum to consider. A large bucket (even without butter) and two drinks can easily run to $20 or more, making that night out at the movies lighten your wallet by nearly sixty bucks and that's just for two! Make it a hundred bucks with two adults and two kids. Compare that to staying at home, preparing special snacks, enjoying your favorite drinks, using zero fuel to drive to the Cinema-plex as well as eliminating someone banging their car door into yours — and you’ve saved yourself a bundle of cash to use on other things as well as anxiety with your car. Over a year, you could perhaps even add an enhancement to your home audio system.

2. More Choice. Sure, binge-watching more than one movie at a movie-theatre is possible (though costly), but you’re limited to only those films being shown at the venue and the need to coordinate show times carefully. But if you stay at home, you have nearly endless content at your disposal — content that you can watch at your convenience, with the pause button assuring plenty of time for restroom breaks and the like. There’s Blu-ray, DVDs and purchased streaming content, as well as cable packages that offer a wide array of television shows you can’t find in any movie-theatre. When it comes to the sheer amount of choice available to every home, there’s really no comparison.

3. Cleanliness. Who likes sticky floors and dirty seats? Sure, many establishments have upgraded to recliners, but that’s just another way to sweep things into the cracks. Far better to stay at home where you have total control over hygiene.

4. Convenience/Comfort/Control. Ah yes, the three Cs. Let’s weigh the facts. At home, you can get out of bed, walk into the living room and you’re ready to watch a movie. Or you could shower, dress and drive to the Cinema. I don’t know about you, but lounging in PJs or a robe strikes me as a much more appealing option. You can also control the movies and TV shows you watch at home, as opposed to the theater, where you’re at the mercy of show times and traffic. Nothing quite compares to the convenience of watching what you want when you want.

5. Noise/Sound Quality. Save yourself a headache and high blood pressure by controlling not just what you watch but also the environment you watch it in. Staying at home allows you to avoid rude movie-goers who never learned about public etiquette. (It seems as if, no matter how many creative ways movie-theatre's try to explain the shortcomings of humankind when it comes to mobile phones and talking during movies, humankind simply will not abide.) What’s more, you can get better sound at home, especially if you calibrate your system so it performs optimally. Compare that to a Cinema that may or may not have quality speakers or the capability to run the kind of setup the film demands, with presence and enough bass to rumble your seat. A standard but well setup 5.1-channel surround sound system and big-screen TV in your home can easily rival (or even surpass) that of many Cinema's. Make it 7.1 or 7.2 with a 120" Screen and Projector and you will more than likely blow the Cinema experience away. 

Remember these points before you decide to go see the latest blockbuster in the movie-theatre. Chances are it’ll be available to watch at home on Netflix or some other streaming service and you'll be a winner! And of course Audio Trends can help. We've been selling surround sound and projectors since 1988 when Yamaha launched their first surround sound processor. 

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