B&W HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition Centre Channel

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High Transparency S2 Anniversary Edition With Upgraded Crossover

2-Way, 3-Driver, Bass Reflex Cabinet With Flowport Technology

Decoupled Double Dome Aluminium Tweeter To Cushion And Reduce Vibration

Continuum Cone Technology & Fixed Suspension Transducer (FST) Mid/Bass Drivers

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About B&W HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition Centre Channel

The B&W HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition centre speaker is the perfect companion to the 603, 606 & 607 speakers and incorporates the refinements originally lavished on the 700 Signature series including a complete overhaul of the crossover components to deliver greatly improved resolution and transparency. Now, maybe you are blessed with 2020 hearing but, for most of you out there who aren’t, the very mention of ‘transparency’ and ‘centre channel’ in the same sentence will have you cheering from the sidelines. Who needs pesky subtitles when you have a genuinely transparent centre speaker? Bravo B&W.

Designed to match the 603 S2, 606 S2 & 607 S2 Anniversary Edition models this terrific sounding centre speaker borrows heavily from B&W’s higher ranges and features a refined Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, from the 700 Series, along with Continuum cone FST mid/bass drivers, derived from the 800 Diamond series. It will not fill a cavern with sound but, when suitably partnered with a sympathetic home theatre system, it will form the centrepiece around which all your best movie moments will happen. Dialogue is a joy through the HTM6 S2 and you will love hearing your favourite actors with a naturalness and clarity rarely encountered at this price point.

B&W HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition Centre Channel

You will also be pleased to know that, as well as the crowd-pleasing Matte Black & White finishes, B&W has introduced some tasty new Oak & Red Cherry finishes to keep the style gurus happy. Overall, in its class, this new Bowers & Wilkins HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition centre channel is unbeatable.

Anniversary Edition

Bowers & Wilkins' iconic 600 Series celebrates 25 years as a fan-favourite with the new Anniversary Edition range.  The Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Anniversary Edition arrive to replace the models launched in 2018 that brought the Continuum Cone to the series. It also marks 25 years and ushers in the seventh-generation of the company's most popular series with over a million sales under its belt, not to mention it being the longest-running series after the venerable 800 Series Diamond.

The new range promises the same winning blend of value and sound quality as its six series forebears but features new and improved components. The 600 Series Anniversary Edition range features four models and brings in new oak and red cherry finishes in addition to the existing matte black and matte white finishes. You also get a new celebratory logo inscribed on the tweeter surround in either light or dark finishes, depending on the colour of the rest of the speaker.

The new range boasts upgraded crossovers in every model along with new and vastly improved bypass capacitors which have been “specially treated” by Mundorf and were initially used for the recently launched 700 Series Signature range. Additionally, the main high-frequency and mid-frequency capacitors have been upgraded with new and improved designs. The overall result, says Bowers & Wilkins, is greatly improved resolution and transparency across all of the 600 Series Anniversary Edition speakers.

“The 600 Series Anniversary Edition is a classic example of Bowers & Wilkins thinking. By using our unique, in-house-developed components and technology from higher ranges, we can raise the performance of our entry-level product to new heights and for a very modest premium. The 600 Series has been setting the standard in its category for 25 years, and we're confident our new Anniversary Edition range will carry on that tradition in style.” Andy Kerr, B&W’s Director of Product Marketing & Communications

A Closer Look

Double Dome Tweeter: As mentioned above, the HTM6 S2 features a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter - technology evolved from the Bowers & Wilkins 705 speaker. The double dome design uses an extremely thin aluminium dome for lightness, surrounded by a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity. The result is a far more precise treble performance. While the tweeter looks like it’s completely integrated into the cabinet in the 600 Series, it’s actually kept physically isolated from the enclosure that surrounds it. The tweeter sits in a ring of gel that acoustically decouples it from its housing, so performance isn’t hit by unwanted resonances and vibrations. Imaging and dispersion are improved, delivering a more natural, spacious sound.

Continuum Cone Technology & Fixed Suspension Transducer (FST): The HTM6 S2 centre channel also features B&W’s award-winning Continuum cone technology, which creates a pure and precise soundscape. Developed over an eight-year period and first featured on the flagship B&W 800 Series Diamond models, the Continuum cone continues to be used in the seventh generation of the critically acclaimed HTM6 to transform the performance you expect from a centre channel at this price. It delivers a cleaner, more precise sound, to a wider group of listeners. The combination of Continuum and Fixed Suspension Transducer maximises the effect. The edge of the cone is mounted in a narrow ring of foam. Narrow so that when it moves it radiates as little sound as possible and foam carefully chosen so this 'surroundless' suspension minimises distortion by converting unwanted energy into heat, not sound.

Seriously Upgraded Crossovers: Let’s get something straight, there was nothing wrong with the crossovers in the previous B&W HTM6. That speaker produced a well-balanced sound that had no obvious flaws. But Bowers & Wilkins are always looking for ways to make things better and they discovered that upgrading the crossover components in the 700 series, to produce the 702 & 705 Signature models, bought about serious improvements to resolution and transparency – something we can attest to first hand. So, why not upgrade the 600 series with similar enhancements? Why not indeed, and that is exactly what they did.

So, the new 600 Anniversary Edition models boast upgraded crossovers along with new and vastly improved bypass capacitors which have been “specially treated” by Mundorf and were initially used for the recently launched 700 Series Signature range. Additionally, the main high-frequency and mid-frequency capacitors have been upgraded with new and improved designs. The overall result, says Bowers & Wilkins, is even better resolution, greatly improved transparency and superlative musicality across all of the 600 Series Anniversary Edition speakers.

Cabinet: The new 600 Anniversary Editions are designed to stylishly and subtly integrate with any room design. A lot of attention has been paid to what goes on inside a 600 Series speaker, but that doesn't mean the outside has been neglected. Attention to detail is vital to ensure the HTM6 S2 looks as beautiful as it sounds, so it uses high-quality materials. But these features aren’t just for show. Solid cabinet construction and unbroken surfaces help limit distortion. B&W have also removed grille pegs and replaced them with magnets. This makes the grille easily removable when you are listening - yes like all speakers, the HTM6 S2 will sound better with the grille cover removed! B&W have moved the 'port' to the rear of the cabinet, creating a modern and premium aesthetic look at the front while maintaining the integrity of the acoustic design. And, B&W have expanded the range of colour options. Joining the existing Matte Black & Matte White finishes are Oak (with a white front baffle) & Red Cherry (with a black front baffle) to make all you style gurus very happy.

Our Take On The HTM6

We thought the previous HTM6 centre channel sounded pretty sweet. It offered a natural, articulate sound that at the same time had a decent amount of body, smooth tonality and a nice sense of spaciousness that really fleshed out dialogue.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to move on. As B&W did with the 700 Signatures, the new Anniversary Edition HTM6 S2 is in another league to its predecessor. Resolution and transparency have improved to the point where we don’t know of another centre channel in this class that can compete. And with some nice new colours to add to the mix the new HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition centre channel is very impressive indeed.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 2-way, 3-driver bass reflex with Flowport Technology
  • Drive Units
    • 1 x 25mm (1") Decoupled Double Dome aluminium high-frequency tweeter
    • 2 x 130mm (5") Continuum cone FST mid/bass drivers
  • Frequency Range: -6dB at 42Hz and 33kHz
  • Frequency Response: 72Hz - 28kHz ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
  • Harmonic Distortion: 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m); <1% 110Hz - 22kHz; <0.5% 180Hz - 20kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum 4.3 Ohms)
  • Recommended amplifier power: 30 Watts - 120 Watts into 8 Ohms on unclipped programme
  • Finishes: Matte Black, Matte White, Red Cherry, Oak
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 480 x 160 x 255mm (279mm deep including grille & terminals)
  • Net Weight: 7.8kg
  • Boxed Weight: 9.2kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years (Covers faulty workmanship and materials, but not abuse)

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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