AudioQuest SureGrip 100 Banana Plugs (Silver)

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Enjoy an easy, secure connection between bare speaker wire and compatible speakers and amplifiers

Silver-plated beryllium copper construction for high-quality conduction and connection

The included Allen tool helps you make a secure connection without crimping or soldering

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About AudioQuest SureGrip 100 Banana Plugs 

AudioQuest don't just make high quality speaker cable, but also a range of matching connectors that can be used on most brands of quality cable with ease. By using AudioQuest or other high-quality Banana Plugs you are ensuring that your speaker wire is terminated in the best possible way. 

These AudioQuest SureGrip 100 Series grip your amplifier or speaker terminals much more firmly than the spring-loaded types you will see on Auction and other no-name brands. They are also made with quality Beryllium copper alloy, which is more conductive than the brass that many other manufacturers use. This is then either gold or silver plated depending on your choice. With the supplied mini-hex or Allen key it is very easy to get up and going. A word of caution. These are still a budget connector and we apologise if this sounds elitist because this is not our intention. The 100's will last for decades if you don't plan to regularly keep removing them from your amplifier or speakers. If you think you're that person, then invest in either the AudioQuest 100 Series Multi-Spades or AudioQuest 300 Series Banana plugs.

Connector Trivia

We just thought it would be a good idea to write a little about our experience with speaker cable and terminations which dates back to the mid 1960s as well as the reasons why connectors like Banana Plugs and Spade Terminals are no longer considered a luxury.

Of course, speaker wire or cable has been and will continue to be an important part of the audio video chain for the foreseeable future. You need speaker cable to connect between your Amplifier or A/V Home Theatre Receiver and your speakers. You can use bare wire, but this is the # 1 enemy to causing expensive damage to your Amplifier/Receiver. How so?

Spring Type Speaker Connector

Up until the mid 1980's, most Amplifiers had a spring-clip connector and speaker cable was simple 18AWG to 24AWG (thin) stranded cable. It wasn't difficult to get it right although many did get it horribly wrong. Note: AWG stands for American Wire Gauge a USA standard for cable thickness.

We've seen plenty of people strip back even 50mm (should only be 8-12mm) of the insulation thus exposing lots of bare wire and danger! When the positive and negative "touch" disaster is only micro seconds away as well as a nasty burning smell from your precious Amplifier/Receiver!

As speaker cable came under the spotlight as a way of improving sound - Bill Low from AudioQuest was one of the first - and thicker cable was the first theory, a better way had to be found for connecting this thicker speaker cable. The first idea was thin brass pins that were crimped to the cable, and although an improvement, were tricky and often popped out of the spring connector - voice of experience here!

Spade Connectors: These had been around for many years in the electronics world and so the "smarties" among us started using these, particularly at the speaker end which often had thumb screws. However, these still only suited thin cable. So, not long after the brass pins came to market, so did some decent Spade Connectors.

Banana Plugs: Can only presume that somewhere in the electronics world many moons ago, someone decided to make a smaller version of the standard 'phone' or headphone jack. Size is 1/4" or 6.35mm. Today, even entry-level Amplifiers/Receivers have provision for Banana (4mm) plugs and although Spade Connectors and Banana Plugs are still optional - yes bare-wire is also still a choice you have - quality connectors are chosen by most of our customers because (1) they keep everything a lot tidier; (2) are easier to remove and relocate on equipment that needs to be moved and (3) of course minimise the risk of damage to your expensive electronics. They also have one other benefit. Both Spade Connectors and Banana Plugs have a larger surface area than bare-wire alone and so more of the 'electronic' signal passes from Amplifier to Speaker.

Note: Please don't conclude that all Banana Plugs are equal! There is an abundance of absolute rubbish and junk on the Internet. The 'external' springs loose tension in no time thus defeating one of the primary advantages of buying plugs in the first place. Sure, they're only $2.50 each, look like the real deal with Gold plating etc but you are wasting your money.

Our Take

These AudioQuest 100 Series Banana Plug Connectors can be used to terminate your speaker cable with ease and do not require the use of any special tools. They are suitable for all quality speaker cables up to 9 AWG. However, we would suggest that they are better suited to lighter cables in the 12 to 16 AWG. One very helpful feature with these plugs is that the insulator barrel screws go on AFTER you have attached your cable! If you have ever forgotten to thread your barrels onto your cables you'll appreciate just how neat this feature is.

Main Features & Specifications

  • AudioQuest Sure Grip 100 Series Banana Plugs - Pack of 8.
  • Quantity: Includes one pack of 8 plugs - the requirement for two speaker cable lengths and plugs at both the amplifier and the speaker ends.
  • Wire Size: Compatible with cables upto 9 AWG or 6.63mm - the lower the AWG number, the thicker the cable.
    • We would recommend you use cable in the 12 to 16 AWG with these connectors
  • Direct-Silver Plating Over Copper: No distortion causing nickel underneath.
  • Base Material: Beryllium Copper - no intermediary inferior brass
  • Two-Screw Fixing: This is a superior method to inferior sound-degrading solder. This is via the included Allen Hex tool.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Does not cover misuse or incorrect installation.

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