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AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable (3 Metre)


Top Pick For Value And Performance

AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable

AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable

Two Solid Long-Grain Copper Conductors Eliminate "Strand-Interaction" Distortion

Air-Filled Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation

Cold-Welded, Solderless Gold-Plated RCA Connectors

Cable Length Selected: 3 Metres
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Product Description

The AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable is a favourite brand of AV customers world-wide simply because it offers reasonable quality and a bargain basement price. You may be surprised about that news because AQ started by specialising in high-end cables. Trickle down technology has delivered cables like the Black Lab Subwoofer Cable featured here.


AudioQuest's Black Lab cable delivers deep bass to your powered subwoofer and features two identical conductors, and each conductor is a single, unbroken strand of AudioQuest's high-purity Long-Grain Copper. Solid conductors eliminate electrical and magnetic interference that can make multi-strand conductor cables sound brittle.

Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors: Solid conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion. Black Lab’s solid Long-Grain Copper allows a smoother and clearer sound than cables using regular OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper. OFHC is a general metal industry specification regarding “loss” without any concern for distortion. LGC has fewer oxides within the conducting material, less impurities, less grain boundaries, and definitively better performance.

Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy (loss). Some of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. Black Lab uses air-filled Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation on both conductors because air absorbs next to no energy and Polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile. Thanks to all the air in Foamed-PE, it causes much less of the out-of-focus effect common to other materials.

Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS): 100% shield coverage is easy. Preventing captured RF Interference from modulating the equipment’s ground reference requires AQ’s Noise-Dissipation System. Noise-Dissipation System prevents a significant amount of RFI from reaching the equipment’s ground plane.

Symmetrical Coax Geometry: Identical + and – conductors prevent the shield being used as an inferior audio conductor.

Cold-Weld Gold-Plated Plugs: This plug design allows for a connection devoid of solder, which is a common source of distortion. Because the ground shells are stamped instead of machined, the metal can be chosen for low distortion instead of machinability.

Grounding: Sometimes there is a hum problem unless the subwoofer and AV receiver (or surround-sound processor) are attached to each other using a separate wire. If you hear noticeable hum in your system after connecting your subwoofer, please attach the subwoofer cable's ground lead to your audio gear. Some audio equipment has a ground (GND) connection on the back-panel, if not, attach the ground spade lugs to any screw on the equipment chassis of both the source and the subwoofer. Usually, this extra wire will not be needed.

Trivia: Contrary to their name, Black Labs’ heritage actually traces back to Newfoundland in the 1700s, when they were first known as “Saint John’s Dogs.” When this large Newfoundland-based breed was mixed with smaller water dogs, the result is the dog now known as the Labrador. Labradors (Black or otherwise) are known for their dedication to duty, their highly developed sense of smell and hearing, and their endless capacity for playing “fetch” (they are “retrievers” after all!). These traits combine to make Labradors excellent service dogs for the handicapped as well as wonderful pets. 

  • AudioQuest Black Lab, 1 RCA to 1 RCA Subwoofer Cable
  • Geometry: Symmetrical Coax Geometry
  • Metal: Two Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors eliminate "strand-interaction" distortion
  • Dielectric: Foamed-Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation minimises energy storage and its associated distortion
  • Noise-Dissipation System (NDS): Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System
  • RCA Plugs: Cold-Welded, Gold-Plated deliver reliability and resistance to corrosion
  • Jacket Colour: Black//White stripe PVC
  • Ground Wire: With spade lug at each end to minimise hum
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE Note illustration does not include Black Lab cable.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Top Pick For Value And Performance
Brand AudioQuest
Colour No
Cable Length 3 Metres
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.3000
Price Range $60.00


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