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Cabasse Eole 3 Speakers (Piano Black)


On Wall/Satellite Speakers (Each)

Cabasse Eole3 Speaker - Front view.

Cabasse Eole3 Speaker - Front view.

An Ultra-Compact European Designed And Stylish Speaker.

Unique And Highly Engineered 'Sphere' Design.

Includes Wall Brackets/Bases. Floor Stands Optional.

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Product Description

We have been selling Cabasse products here at Audio Trends since 2006 when a demonstration of the Cabasse Eole1 convinced us categorically to add it to our permanent speaker roster. The performance was truly amazing, plus it presented in a way that made it super attractive in almost any environment.


Underneath its classy shape and glossy finish, EOLE 3 features all the acoustical qualities of any Cabasse system. Experience high-performance sound from a compact, room-friendly design. The Cabasse Eole 3 satellite speakers are a mere 130mm in diameter and swivel in almost every direction thanks to an amazing magnetic base. This latest creation features some of Cabasse's best speaker technologies - efficiency, power handling, transparency, sound staging - so you'll experience lots of impact and convincing realism with all your movies, video games and importantly...music. It also features improved aesthetic and acoustic integration and is a great way to complement your crisp HDTV picture with rich, enveloping sound. What you see here is the latest version of what has for some years been one of the best selling satellite speakers on the market in Europe.

Compact, Easy-to-Place Speakers

As mention above, the 5 identical spherical satellite speakers swivel in every direction thanks to an ingenius magnetic base. You can easily place the speakers on shelves. You can also mount them on your walls using the keyhole slots for out-of-the-way placement. However, the system is also available with a pair of very stylish floor stands (sold separately) and yes, the speaker cable can go inside the stand to meet the needs of the WAF - wife acceptance factor. All the satellites have a sturdy and well made feel with their metal enclosures and fixed grilles.

On the technical side, Cabasse engineers have used the principle of a co-axial drive unit in a compact sphere to attain maximum rigidity and extra wide dispersion. Determining the positioning of the new DOM 18 tweeter and calculations for the crossover was achieved with the help of the measurement protocol especially designed for the $199,000pr La Sphère - the Cabasse 4-way coaxial reference speaker. This allows optimisation of the frequency response in the 60° solid cone and provide a coherent sound field in a wide sweet spot.

About Cabasse 

Cabasse is one of the most succesful speaker companies in Europe, very, very big in France and has a good record here in Australia. Founded in 1950, the Brittany based concern is the largest speaker manufacturer in France and before its existence as a speaker manufacturer, members of the Cabasse family were active in the construction of musical instruments from the mid eighteenth century.

Like many of the more venerable speaker brands both in Europe and further afield, Cabasse has a particular ‘speciality.’ In the case of Cabasse, they've put decades of research into coaxial driver assemblies - the arrangement of drivers in series so they output on the same axis. Coaxial or concentric tweeters are far from unusual - KEF and Tannoy also make extensive use of them - but Cabasse takes this one stage further. Their flagship La Sphere speaker (which looks like a science fiction prop and costs a substantial $150,000-200,000 depending on spec) mounts no less than four drivers in a coaxial arrangement.

In The News

AV Forums said: "With this in mind, the turnaround in my opinion that the system achieved over the course of the first day should be taken as a fairly impressive achievement. It didn’t take too long to establish that this is a very impressive system indeed and there is a reason why it has been such a strong selling offering in Europe.

An area where Cabasse has been very active in recent years has been the development of tweeters using sophisticated synthetic materials. The Eole3 can’t use some of the more exotic materials that have appeared in their expensive offerings but the expertise shows in the performance of the Eole satellites. With the nicely layered and involved soundtrack of Super8 there is detail retrieval that is extremely impressive from such small speakers. Furthermore the tonality is a very welcome combination of naturalness and refinement....

The most impressive aspect of this is that the coaxial arrangement seems to have maintained the advantages that this design is renowned for in that the crossover between the two drivers is impressively seamless and very tidy. While some coaxial drivers have a habit of ‘beaming’ an accurate but rather limited soundfield, the Eole satellites manage to combine the integration with a usefully wide dispersion."

Our Take

EOLE 3 benefits in many respects from the research investments made in developing La Sphère, the Cabasse 4-way coaxial reference speaker. Opera, jazz festival, rock concert, movies sound amazing. Yes, the Eole 3 satellite speaker is rather smaller than the flagship and rather more terrestrially priced but the same experience of coaxial drivers applies. As the name suggests, this is the third revision of the Eole speaker (really a minor refinement) and has already proven popular among our customers and the staff. Whether you’re listening to opera, jazz, rock or enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster, you will be blown away by the Cabasse Eole3. The speaker is highly regarded by the International Press although some who are 'newbies' to the speaker have commented on how difficult it was to connect the speaker cable. But having sold and installed many, many Eole speakers we can show you how easy it is when you know how. If you’re after a great looking speaker that will integrate beautifully with your décor, then the Cabasse Eole3 speaker could be just what you’re after. The Eole3 speaker is shown in High Gloss Black (also available in High Gloss White)

  • Design: High Quality Satellite Speaker (Single)
  • Drivers: 2-way coaxial:
    • 1 x DOM18: 29 mm (1.1”) soft dome tweeter.
    • 1 x 10T15: 102mm (4”) P2C midrange-woofer.
  • Efficiency: 90dB
  • Crossover Frequency: 4kHz
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz - 22kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 70 Watts - Note, these are designed to work with a subwoofer so this is plenty.
  • Peak Power Handling: 200 Watts
  • Magnetically Shielded: Yes
  • Floor Stands: Optional Extra
  • Wall Bracket/Base: Included
  • Dimensions: 130mm diameter plus stands/bases
  • Weight: 1.3 kg each
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 years.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name On Wall/Satellite Speakers (Each)
Brand Cabasse
Colour Black
Enclosure Design Acoustic Suspension
Impedance (Nominal) 8 Ohms
Stands/Brackets Floor Stands Optional Extra, Wall Brackets Included, Bases Included
Shipping Weight (kg) 1.5000
Price Range $599


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