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Atacama Atabites


High Density Inert Speaker Stand Filler

Atacama Atabites - Inert filler for suitable speaker stands.

Atacama Atabites - Inert filler for suitable speaker stands.

Each Tub Of Filler Weighs 7.5kg.

Improve Your Sound!

High Density, Zinc Coated Inert Filler

Uniform size. Made In England.

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Speaker stand mass is critical to the performance of your speakers. At Audio Trends, we want you to attain the best possible performance from your speakers and your stands. Atabites add mass to your speaker stand in a linear and constant way. Sand particles can vary in size, and lead shot is toxic. Atabites are the perfect solution!  


In order to get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, it is recommended that the main columns are filled with a high density inert filler. This will reduce ringing and give a conically dead platform from which to position bookshelf style speakers.

By adjusting the amount of filler used, you can experiment to find the optimum amount of filler to suit your speakers . Featuring new zinc coated micro-discs, the NEW UPGRADED Atabite inert filler now gives increased density to volume over the old Atabite inert filler and has a uniformed particulate size giving consistent sonic performance. The Zinc coating reduces any oxidization and degradation and enhances the visual aesthetics.

Why Do You Need Speaker Stands?

That question is often quickly followed up with another: "Can't they just sit on the floor?" The truth is you can put the speakers wherever you like but the location and positioning absolutely and significantly affect performance. When bookshelf sized speakers are placed on the floor or against a wall their sonic output becomes 'connected' to the floor or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. Speaker stands elevate and isolate speakers from floors and walls. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and a greater sense of realism.

Note: Atabites are supplied by weight, not volume. (7.5 kg tubs). Some settling of contents may occur in transit. However, being the industrious sorts we are here at Audio Trends, we have calculated the volume of Atabites to be approximately 1.8 litres.

Sonic results will depend on speaker stand positioning, type of speaker, room size, type of electronics and cabling, listening position and personal taste. However, as a general rule filling the stands approximately two thirds full generally gives the best results.

Atacama Stands

Here is the maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used in each pair of Atacama brand speaker stands:

Moseco 6; Duo 6 = 10.4kg; Moseco 7; Duo 7 = 12.2kg; Moseco 10; Duo 10 = 21kg

Nexus 6i = 8.2kg; Nexus7i = 12.2kg; Nexus10i = 21kg

SL200 = 7.2kg; SL300 = 15.2kg; SL400 = 24kg; SL500 =32.8kg; SL600 = 41.6kg; SL700 = 48.8kg; SL1000 = 68kg;

HMS 1.1 500mm = 34kg; HMS 1.1 600mm = 41.8kg; HMS 1.1 700mm = 55.4kg; HMS 2.1 = 84kg.

Note: NOT suitable for Atacama Aurora 6 Speaker stands.

Norstone Stands

Here is the maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used in each pair of Norstone Stylum speaker stands:

Stylum 1 = 7.8 to 15.6kg; Stylum 2 = 12kg to 15.6kg; Stylum 3 =15.6kg to 23.4kg

Note: Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name High Density Inert Speaker Stand Filler
Brand Atacama
Colour No
Shipping Weight (kg) 12.5000
Price Range $99.00


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