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Bose 161 (White)


Compact Rear Speakers

Bose 161 Compact Rear Speakers - Front view.

Bose 161 Compact Rear Speakers - Front view.

Ideal Surround Speakers And Featuring The Bose Articulated Array Design.

Matching Mounting Brackets Included.

Colour Selected: White
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Product Description

Streamlined design with very good performance. Bose 161 speakers are a versatile option for both music and film listening in a small stereo or home theatre system.


If you didn't know it was from Bose, you might not expect much from this elegant but unassuming compact speaker. But each speaker in the 161 system includes several patented Bose technologies into its cabinet to ensure spacious, ear-pleasing results. The Articulated Array® speaker design houses two angled, full-range 64mm drivers engineered to generate more air movement from a small enclosure than conventional drivers. Bose's Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance delivers stereo sound throughout the room, not just in a small "sweet spot" like standard speakers. This means you get broader, more even sound throughout the listening area. Custom mounting brackets are included to increase placement options throughout your home.

Drivers: The Bose 161 speakers feature 2 x 64mm full-range drivers called Twiddler® drivers. These use proprietary technology to generate more air movement from a small enclosure. They deliver the kind of performance you'd expect from much larger speakers, making it possible to enjoy rich, low-frequency sound from smaller speakers. Magnetically shielded speakers allow for speaker placement in close proximity to your TV without interfering with the picture quality.

Articulated Array Speaker Design: By precisely positioning the drivers inside the speaker cabinet, an Articulated Array speaker design can provide a large, consistent sound field. This allows for a more even sound coverage with these outdoor speakers. The three drivers are arranged in an arc inside the speaker for a wide dispersion. This "Articulated Array" delivers full, lifelike sound over a large listening area.

Multi-Chambered Bass Enclosure: Uniquely structured, the chambers within this patented design filter out unwanted audible distortion in the low-frequency range. They also improve speaker efficiency, resulting in deeper bass from a small enclosure.

Stereo Everywhere: When mounted horizontally at a minimum of 2.1 metres apart, the speakers deliver "Stereo Everywhere" performance. The result is evenly distributed stereo sound outdoors with distinct channel separation over a wide coverage area, instead of in one small "sweet spot."

Note: When the speakers are mounted vertically, you will not experience the "Stereo Everywhere" effect.

Binding Posts: The nickel-plated brass binding posts will accept bare wire or banana plugs.

Mounting Brackets: Weather-resistant mounting brackets are also included to allow for easy installation. The speakers can be moved up and down in the mounting brackets, allowing you to position them for optimum imaging.

Our Take

Although Bose advertise these as a stereo bookshelf speaker system, they are really better bought as a set of rear speakers or rear effects speakers in a 7.2 surround sound system - 2 pair plus your 3 fronts. They do deliver the "spacious" sound that Bose are famous for, but do lack bass response. They are very attractive and as the price includes the brackets are good value for money. If using as mains, you will need a subwoofer.


  • Drivers: Two full-range 64mm drivers per speaker
  • Rated Power Input: 10 - 80 Watts with receivers rated from 4 to 8 Ohms
  • Cabinet: Made from rugged ABS 
  • Finish: Black
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 280 x 106 x 127mm
  • Nett Weight: 3.0kg (2x1.5kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 3.4kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Compact Rear Speakers
Brand Bose
Finish/Colour White
Main Features Full-Range, 2 Drivers, Bass Reflex Box, Brackets Included
Shipping Weight (kg) 3.4000
Price Range $299


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