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Thorens TD-158


Fully Automatic Belt Drive Turntable With Cartridge

Thorens TD-158 Belt Drive Turntable

Thorens TD-158 Belt Drive Turntable

Electronically Controlled Motor. Electronic 33/45 Speed Selection

Easy 3-Step Goof Proof Set-Up

Includes Audio Technica MM Phono Cartridge

One Only - Open Box

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Product Description

The Thorens TD 158 is an excellent first-timer's purchase. It is a complete record player that is super easy to set-up even if you have never, ever done it!


The Thorens TD-158 was released in 2014 and is an entry level turntable which is fully automatic and simple to set up - which for a lot of customers is a necessary feature. . The company itself has a very long history in producing excellent audio equipment which can be traced back to the late 19th Century. While Thorens is a Swiss manufacturer, the components of its turntables are manufactured in Germany which is renowned for its high-end finished products.

The TD-158 also features an electronic speed selector and last but not least, a high-quality acrylic cover to keep dust away. Tonearm and cartridge have been pre-mounted and painstakingly adjusted in the factory. All necessary leads are supplied with the unit and the record player is ready to play with a flick of the wrist. The entry into the wonderful world of analogue music could not be any simpler!

Note: Your amplifier or receiver will need to have a dedicated "Phono" circuit. This should be clearly marked on the pair of the back panel inputs as well as on the the front selector knob. If you cannot see this then you will need to buy a separate Phono Preamplifier (sold separately) and possibly a pair of interconnect leads. See bottom of page for suitable recommendations.

Our Take

The founder of Audio Trends bought his first Thorens Turntable (TD-160 Super) in 1976 and even then they were well established and the market-leader. So, the TD-158 has a fine heritage and although the least expensive in the range offers a very high level of technical sophistication. Whether young or older you may prefer a fully automatic turntable like those from Thorens as they are easy-to-use and hassle-free. Put the record on the platter and select the speed - 33rpm or 45rpm. With a literal “push-of-a-button”, the TD 158 will automatically take care of itself - the motor starts spinning the platter, the tonearm raises and moves it over to the outer edge or grooves of the record. Turn up the volume on your amp and you're in music paradise. The TD-158 has an automatic shut-off which means that at the end of an album, the turntable raises the stylus and moves the tonearm to its original position. If you lack a steady hand, the fully automatic operation is ideal as it prevents you from scratching your precious record. 

While the Thorens TD-158 is not the only fully automatic turntable out there, it does rise above the level of its competitors in the “convenience” department and in build-quality bycomparison to the "plastic-fantastic" models from Asia. The tonearm and cartridge of the TD 158 are pre-mounted and carefully adjusted in the factory. Furthermore, its user-friendly manual makes it even easier to assemble. In just 3 steps, your TD 158 turntable will be assembled. All one must do is remove the two transportation locks, place the platter on the turntable’s sub-latter and insert the hinges for the dust-cover. All done!

  • Drive system: Thorens precision belt drive
  • Motor: electronically controlled DC motor
  • Speeds: 33 rpm, 45 rpm
  • Speed selection: electronic
  • Turntable platter: 304 mm / 0.4 kg
  • Tone Arm: Thorens TP-17
  • Cartridge: Audio Technica Moving Magnet
  • Anti-Skating: magnetic
  • Operation: Fully Automatic
  • Switch off: automatically
  • Capacitance of Signal Leads: 160 pF
  • Power supply: 230V AC
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 120 x 360 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Finish: Black
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years. Register purchase online within 14 days and Warranty increases to 3 Years. (Excludes stylus)

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Fully Automatic Belt Drive Turntable With Cartridge
Brand Thorens
Cartridge Description Audio Technica CN-5625AL
Main Features Belt Drive, Cartridge Installed, Fully Automatic, Electronic Speed Change, Plays 33's & 45's
Colour Black
Shipping Weight (kg) 9.0000
Price Range $599


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