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Subsonic XB-1 (Black Ash)

Australian Designed Bookshelf Speakers

Subsonic XB-1 Bookshelf Speaker - Front view.

Subsonic XB-1 Bookshelf Speaker - Front view.

World Class Australian Design

Ultra-Rigid 165mm Woofer For Outstanding Mid/Bass Speed

25mm Silk Dome Tweeter For Smooth Extended Highs

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Product Description

The XB-1 is SuBsonic's first foray into a bookshelf loudspeaker design. This is the result of a collaboration between Subsonic's Duncan Best and professional loudspeaker designer Brad Serhan. The concept was to design an outstanding audiophile bookshelf loudspeaker at an affordable price.


The key element with the SuBsonic XB-1 was first and foremost, to provide a high degree of musicality, along with the traditional scale and dynamics that has made SuBsonic well known across Australia. They are designed to be the 'giant killers' in the hotly contested $1,000 to $1,500 bookshelf speaker market. Featuring a traditional 2-way bass reflex design with a 165mm bass/mid-range driver and 25mm Peerless soft-dome tweeter, they enjoy the heritage design that is SuBsonic. From the beautiful timber veneer cabinet to their smooth and rich performance, they are a stunning performer from all aspects.

Big-Speaker Sound In A Compact Package: SuBsonic's XB-1 may look like any other bookshelf speaker, but they deliver the kind of high-end sound that will make you think you're listening to a speaker several times its size and price. Capable of lighting up any small-to-medium-sized room with drop-dead accurate midrange and detailed highs, the XB-1 makes an excellent choice for smaller footprint stereo or home theatre systems. Add one of SuBsonic's powered subwoofers for thunderous bass response, then bask in the "oohs" and "ahhs" of your guests at your next music listening session or movie night.

High Quality Drivers & Crossover Network

Tweeter: The tweeter has a lovely silk dome, and is vented into a rear chamber. The sound from the tweeter is sparkling, clear and open without being harsh. It is extremely musical on both instrumentals and vocals with very good balance and does not dominate the performance like so many tweeters do in this price range. Their extremely low mass and high rigidity allow these tweeters to play accurately far beyond the range of human hearing with little to no audible distortion, making them an excellent choice for high-resolution music listening. 

Woofer: The speaker's tight, powerful bass and dynamic midrange come courtesy of the superb 165mm woofer. The extremely natural sounding mid/bass drivers have been designed to have a real timing and pace, which keeps up with even the most demanding tracks, but never sounds harsh or fatiguing. They are a real pleasure to listen to.

Crossover Network: At its heart, the XB-1 uses a sophisticated crossover network with premium-grade components. These are utilised to deliver the owner maximum performance out of the XB-1’s for many years to come. SuBsonic have used air cored inductors (much more expensive than traditional magnetic core inductors), because they have much lower distortion at higher listening levels and will not saturate and change their inductance values (along with their filtering capabilities) like their cheaper counterparts.

Note: Many speakers made to meet a price-point usually use cheaper and inferior electrolytic capacitors, which gradually deteriorate over time. This is because the electrolyte gel inside them dries out. The SuBsonic XB-1’s capacitors are all high voltage polypropylene which are known to last for decades without deterioration. They cost more but means that the XB-1 speakers will sound just as good in 10 years time as they do today.

Speaker Binding Posts: As you would expect, the SuBsonic XB-1's allow you to use either bare-wire (not recommended by us) or banana plugs via the gold-plated rear terminals. Banana plugs give a better fit and help prevent 'shorting' between the positive and negative terminals which can lead to expensive damage to your amplifier or receiver. You can also bi-wire the speakers for even better performance.

Easy Listening: The XB-1’s have an extremely accurate and balanced presence, with no frequency range dominating another. Imaging is deep and wide, and with good quality source and source material, they have the ability to separate instruments and place them in their correct position on the soundstage.

It is very important in the reproduction of music, that there is no dynamic compression to choke or compress the music during extreme transients. The transient ability of the XB-1's and their ability to play accurately and clearly at whatever volume the music takes them, is unsurpassed in their class.

A Solid Cabinet With A Luxurious Finish: SuBsonic speakers have long been known for their sturdy, vault-like cabinet construction. The XB-1's enclosure utilises outstanding cabinet construction (0.1mm tolerances) and is built solid to resist vibration that can colour sound and reduce accuracy. The exterior comes clad in a beautifully finished real wood veneer which is professionally stained in Jarrah or Black. SuBsonic tops off each speaker with an attractive grille that features a clean, classic look whether you use them with the grilles on or off.

Made To Last: In today's throwaway society, it is refreshing to know that these loudspeakers will sound just as good in 10 years time as they do today. SuBsonic back this up with a 10 year warranty against faulty workmanship and or materials which is equal to the industry best.

Our Take

The XB-1's are very forgiving regarding positioning which is perfect for today's living environments, which are often less than acoustically ideal. They will perform very well on both stands and shelf mounted, and have a sound stage and depth of image that belies their size and price. They are very easy to drive and do not present any difficult loads to amplifiers. The XB-1's have a classy, clean look that will not date with time, and a lovely natural timber finish which will make them a beautiful addition to any music system for years to come. The utmost care and due diligence has been taken in every aspect of the design of these little beauties, and the proof is in the final result. Nothing has been spared, and as a result you get a pair of stunning bookshelf speakers that will give you many years of listening pleasure. Take a listen, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  • Description: Bookshelf / Stand mount
  • Design: 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz to 22kHz + - 1.8dB On tweeter Axis
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Woofer: 1 x 165mm
    • Critically damped doped paper composite cone
  • Tweeter: 1 x 25mm Peerless Silk dome
    • Ferro fluid cooled, Mild Horn loading
  • Cabinet:18mm MDF
    • Stained Timber Veneer: Black Ash or Jarrah finish
  • Solid Timber beading
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 25 Watts to 100 Watts
  • Recommended Stands: Atacama 600mm
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 200 x 340 x 295mm
  • Nett Weight: 7 Kg each
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 10 Years - Conditional

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Australian Designed Bookshelf Speakers
Brand Subsonic
Colour Black
Enclosure Design Bass Reflex
Impedance (Nominal) 6 Ohms
Other Features 2-Way Design, 2-Drivers, Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Ready
Stands/Brackets Floor Stands Optional Extra
Shipping Weight (kg) 16.0000
Price Range $999


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