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Richter Merlin (Black Ash)


2-Driver, 2-Way Standmount Speaker

Richter Merlin Bookshelf Speakers - Front view.

Richter Merlin Bookshelf Speakers - Front view.

Where Richter Began! Surprisingly Solid Bass From Compact Enclosure And Wide-Dispersion High Frequencies

Australian Designed, Double Skin Front Baffle. High Quality Bi-Wire Speaker Terminals

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Product Description

Richter - Australia's most successful speaker brand - is breaking all records again with the Legend V range of speakers. The Merlin's have been a consumer favourite for over 25 years and dare we say it but the Series V has once again gone well above performance expectations for the price.


When asked to comment on the new models, Audio Engineer Brad Serhan summed up as follows: "The design brief for the bookshelf models (Merlins and Mentors) was to ensure a high degree of musicality aka listening engagement. This engagement is associated with timing, coherence and ‘foot tapping’. In other words, they have to ‘haul you into the music’!

In a sense, they also have to play the role of sonic illusionists demonstrating a big, natural, dynamic sound that belies their size and price. This is always a challenge but it’s also the fun part. This is where driver, crossover filter design and cabinet noise reduction techniques culminate in the final 'musical sonic illusion'".

Richter’s Merlin Series V speakers will turn your listening room into a concert stage with amazing, room-filling sound. The two-way Merlins use Richter’s top-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeters and their newly developed 130mm mid/bass driver. But the real secret is in the cabinets, whose crossover filter design and cabinet noise reduction techniques culminate in a big, natural dynamic sound.

High Performance Drivers: The entire Richter Legend Series V including the Merlins is all about the music – the sheer magic of your favourite listening delivered in astounding stereo high fidelity for decades to come. The V Series is also about improved levels of musicality and these are thanks to Richter’s brand new proprietary drivers and careful acoustic design. This has been 'cooking' in the research lab for the last two years (2012-2014) and the team have adhered closely to Richter’s philosophy of musicality and affordability. If you want audiophile sound on a budget, then the Richter Merlin's are hard to beat even when compared with more expensive offerings.

Value For Money: As just mentioned, the performance in the price-range is remarkable and gives all competitors a really hard time. This is to be expected and to explain why is simple. We buy directly from Richter. There is one less link in the distribution chain and these savings are passed on which creates a 'win win' scenario. The Merlin's will work well with low powered Hi-Fi or Home Theatre Amplifiers and Receivers but will sound significantly better with higher quality amplification. Don't assume because the price is low that the Merlins ahould only be used in budget systems. Sure, money may (or may not) initially limit what you spend on an amplifier, but as the Merlins should perform for at least a couple of decades, make sure your first upgrade is to a better amplifier.

2-Way Audiophile Design: The true two-way design features Richter’s top-of-the-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeter and a powerful 130mm (5.25") bass/midrange driver. This makes them ideal for a quality hi-fi stereo in a small to medium room, but four or more of them would be ideal for anchoring the sonic drama of your Home Theatre. You would still need a decent subwoofer.

Tweeters: The soft-dome neodymium tweeters provide wide dispersion, producing a lively and spacious sound stage with smooth musicality, and a response extending well beyond human hearing.

Mid-Bass Drivers: The highly efficient 150mm (6") mid/bass driver harness composite cones combining the natural acoustic finesse of paper with the strength of modern carbon-fibre technology. This produces ideal damping characteristics plus the coherence and timing essential to draw you into the music. The awesome bass is rich, deep and firm.

Crossover Network: You don't see this, but the crossover network or circuitry inside each enclosure is a key factor in any speakers performance. The all-new designed crossovers were painstakingly designed with feedback from a large team of audio specialists across Australia to produce emotional vocals, an astonishingly vivid sound stage and a smooth blending of frequencies. The highly stable off-axis response means the Legend V series maintain realism in a wide spectrum of listening environments – because everyone’s listening room is different.

Cabinets: The cabinets or enclosures as some call them have been completely redesigned using non-parallel panels to reduce 'standing waves' which are an annoying problem that every speaker maufacturer has to address if they want tight and accurately pleasing sound. Also invisible to the naked eye is the comprehensive bracing that has been positioned to minimise harmonics. Double thickness rear and front baffles and new high density damping makes these the most neutral and musical cabinets Richter have ever produced.

Stands: All compact speakers sound better when placed on stands around 50cm from any solid item. As there are a number of factors that affect each individual consumer, they are sold separately.

In The News

It’s another milestone from Richter, the only brand to win 26 industry and government awards, twice-named ‘Australian Manufacturer of the Year.’ “The brand has developed a solid reputation, especially for subwoofers…its Wizard model is the biggest-selling Australian speaker in history” – Rod Easdown, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Our Take

The Richter design team is headed up by Dr. Martin Gosnell BE (Hons) PhD who has worked with Richter since approx. 2000 and is supported by the very experienced and highly respected Audio Engineer Brad Serhan. Together with the experience of audiophile owner John Cornell they have really set a new benchmark in Australian speaker design. You could pay a whole lot more for an international brand name and get not only an inferior product, but one that doesn't sound anywhere near any of the Richter Legend series.

Richter’s new bookshelf Merlin V Series prove you can enjoy serious sound from a compact and relatively inexpensive package, thanks to their brand new proprietary drivers and careful acoustic design featuring rock-solid cabinetry. The Merlins deliver the tight, responsive sound only a quality bookshelf model can achieve, along with a spacious sound stage and impressive bass and volume. From orchestral music to electronica, their effortless performance matches their classic but contemporary looks – ideal for hi-fi stereo or anchoring the acoustics of your home theatre system.The Merlin's will also please your eyes with their classic yet contemporary looks – perfect for hi-fi stereo or as fronts/rears in your home theatre system. Please do not under estimate Richter and Australian designed speakers. They are world-class so we sincerely encourage you to do yourself a favour and come in and listen! If you can't do that because of location, then buy with confidence as neither the Merlin's or any other Richter speaker will disappoint.

  • Design: 2-Driver, 2-Way Bookshelf or Standmount Speakers - (stands sold separately)
  • Enclosure: Vented/Bass Reflex.
  • Woofer Technology
    • 130mm (105mm EPD*) sealed composite paper/fibre cone, inverted cap.
    • Woofer Cone: Two-Layer construction.
    • Magnets: Highly stable Neodymium magnets which are oversize and high-flux.
    • Voice-Coils: Polyester Imide voice coil windings.
  • Tweeter: 25mm Precision Dome.
    • Ferro-Fluid Cooled.
  • Power Recommendation: Typically match with Amplifier/Receiver 40 –100 Watts RMS - Must be 'clean' power.
  • Cabinets: Acoustically neutral fibre board cabinet.
  • Finish: Imitation Black Oak.
  • Impedance: Nominal 6 Ohms.
  • Crossover Network: Phase compensated.
    • Non-ageing components inc polyester capacitors.
    • Crossover Frequency: Not stated.
  • Frequency Response: 47–25kHz ± 3dB.
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Speaker Terminals: Dual Gold-Plated
  • Bi-Wire Capable - Recommended for high quality 2-Channel systems. Not necessary in surround sound systems.
  • Speaker Grilles: Removable MDF covered with Black cloth.
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 180 x 320 x 230mm
  • Nett Weight: 6.0Kg each
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years

 Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. *EPD is short for Effective Piston Diameter.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name 2-Driver, 2-Way Standmount Speaker
Brand Richter
Colour Black Ash
Enclosure Design Bass Reflex
Impedance (Nominal) 6 Ohms
Other Features 2-Way Design, 2-Drivers, Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Ready
Stands/Brackets Floor Stands Optional Extra
Shipping Weight (kg) 12.0000
Price Range $799


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