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Paradigm DSP-3200 (Black Ash)


Front Ported 300 Watt RMS Powered Subwoofer

Paradigm DSP-3200 Powered Subwoofer - Front view without grille.

Paradigm DSP-3200 Powered Subwoofer - Front view without grille.

Dual Front Ported Design Allows Subwoofer To Be Placed Closer To A Wall

300 Watts RMS Output With Up To 900 Watts Dynamic Peak Output

1 x 305mm (12") Heavy Duty Driver With Massive Roll-Surround

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Product Description

If you are after a compact subwoofer that will fill your room with bag loads of deep bass, look no further than the powerhouse DSP3200 from Paradigm.


High-power DSP Series subwoofers are the result of Paradigm’s multi-year R&D effort to achieve exceptional high performance while accommodating the growing desire for installation flexibility. Not everyone wants a high-performance subwoofer on full display, so models are front-firing and front-ported with removable grilles, making them ideal for “hidden” installations. For those who want it all … exceptional high performance (including the sonic benefits of digital signal processing!), a smaller footprint, flexible placement options and killer price points, DSP subwoofers fit the bill. 

The advanced High-Power Class-D Amplifiers deliver massive amounts of high-current power with minimal distortion. Although 900 Watts Dynamic Peak sounds impressive on paper, the continuous output of 300 Watts RMS is even more so. The forward-firing drivers feature advanced CAP Carbon / Aramid-Fiber Polypropylene Cones. This advanced cone material combines exceptional stiffness/low mass with excellent internal damping for tremendous freedom from unwanted resonances. The large Magnet Structures encourage extended cone excursion while maintaining superb control over cone movement so you will experience the impact you want when it is supposed to happen. Many subwoofers have one large port and often on the rear. The DSP-3200 has them on the front which means you can sit it closer to the wall but the high-velocity low-noise ports with their critically flared openings at the front also serve to reduce turbulence distortion. This design accommodates installation flexibility in your theatre room and is more "wife-friendly."  At last but not least, the acoustically Inert MDF Enclosures serve to limit unwanted panel resonances and vibrations, ensuring clean, clear and very articulate bass performance.

In The News

"The Paradigm subwoofer produced deep, visceral bass that engaged the viewer in the story... Bass never sounded heavy or boomy, just low and tight with good extension and depth. It's one of the best subs I've heard in my system. While listening to stereo music, the DSP-3200 outperformed many of the subwoofers I've used in my system... The Paradigm DSP-3200 is one of the best subwoofers I've tested. With solid, extended bass response... you can't ask for much more. It's a great value for a stereo or home theater system." - Gary Altunian, About.com

    • Design: Single driver, bass-reflex, dual high-velocity low-turbulence resistive ports, built-in amplifier, USB Port / PBK Interface
    • Amplifier: 900 Watts Dynamic Peak / 300 Watts RMS
    • Amplifier Features: Auto-On / Off, soft clipping
    • Room Correction: PBK-1
    • Low Pass Filter Frequency: Variable 35Hz - 150Hz; Bypass Option
    • Low Frequency Driver: 1 x 305mm (12") CAP cone, ceramic / ferrite magnet, 50-mm (2") 4-layer voice-coil, AVS die-cast heatsink chassis
    • Low Frequency Extension: 22Hz (DIN)
    • Phase Alignment: Variable 0° - 180°
    • Finish: Black Ash
    • Inputs: RCA (L/R-Mono) for L/R Line-Out or Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver, processor or other line-level source
    • Weight: 24.5 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 356 x 464 x 495mm - Includes grilles and feet.
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years.

    Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Front Ported 300 Watt RMS Powered Subwoofer
Brand Paradigm
Subwoofer Driver Size 305mm (12")
Colour Black
Subwoofer Power Output 300 - 399 Watts
Subwoofer Firing Direction Front Firing
Other Subwoofer Features Phase Selection, Auto Power On/Off, Variable Crossover, Upgradeable Power Cable
Shipping Weight (kg) 20.0000
Price Range $1,499


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