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MK Sound MPS2510P


Powered Monitor Speakers

MK Sound MPS2510P Active Speakers - front view

MK Sound MPS2510P Active Speakers - front view

Powered Monitor Speakers Ideal For High Impact Home Theatre Systems

Can Be Used As LCR (Left, Centre, Right) Speakers

Pair With MK Subwoofers For Full Range Sound

Ex Display - Sold As A Set Of Three

Normally $14,997 - Now Only $7500

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Product Description

The MK Sound MPS2510P Powered Monitors are some of the most accurate speakers ever created. With a dynamic range of 112dB(!) these little dynamites can comfortably fill a large room with ‘you are there’ sound. Just add an MK Sound Subwoofer to the mix and you have the full frequency range coming at you full throttle, no apologies.


The MK Sound 150 family of loudspeakers currently in use around the world in countless professional and domestic installations is the product of decades of evolutionary development that have made MK Sound one of the most respected names in pro and consumer audio.

In all its many configuration options variations, passive monitor, on-wall, in-wall and the legendary pro powered monitor version with built-in Class

A/B amplification, one thing remains constant: the MK Sound 150 line-up is universally acclaimed and praised, not for sleek lines, fancy wood finish options or avant-garde styling, but for the only thing that really matters: reliability under the most extreme conditions and pure, natural sound quality that allows the user to listen for hours on end with no hint of fatigue.

Without coloration or over-emphasis on any musical element, the 150 family strikes the perfect balance between the rendering of micro- detail, timbre, tonal subtleties, timing and precision on one hand and the overall big picture of the musical event with full three-dimensional body, weight and emotional impact fully intact.

Deceptively small, every MK Sound 150 loudspeaker system offers seriously big sound in a surprisingly compact package.

The Iconic Configuration – Born for a Purpose

The 150 concept can be summed up as the symbiosis of specially designed drivers operating in parallel arrays and integrated with a dedicated crossover network to achieve an extraordinarily low crossover point. Phase shift between the triple tweeter array and mid/woofer section is minimized, eliminating the temporal smearing in the midband range that afflicts most conventional systems, causing them to lose focus and transparency.

The MK Sound 150 configuration of triple stacked tweeters alongside dual woofers is a distinctly different and instantly recognizable layout that offers considerable performance and placement benefits.

This array offers wide horizontal dispersion with slightly narrower dispersion in the vertical plane, thereby minimizing reflected sound. Unlike conventional loudspeakers, where the direct sound is obscured by a dense smear of intrusive room reflections, MK Sound 150 models allow the listener to experience much more of the original recorded space, with all the subtle room cues and ambient sounds that contribute to a credible you-are-there illusion.

Dual 5.25” bass/mid drivers provide an effective surface area almost 20% larger than a single 6” drive unit. By sharing the load between two separate motor systems and two cones, 150 monitors achieve improved heat dissipation, increased power handling and enhanced linearity at large excursion.

Because the mid/woofer sections’ contribution to the overall sound is generated entirely by the drivers operating well with their purely pistonic range, measured response exhibits ideal linear behaviour, uncoloured by cone break up or off-axis response deviations.

Altogether, this means higher system efficiency and the capability to play louder without strain or break-up.

MPS2510P Powered Monitor: Your Empowered Alternative

For the ultimate, revealing, tell-all listening experience, MK Sound offers a self-powered reference monitor with separate on-board Class A/B power amplifiers for each driver section. Internal bi-amplification means isolated, clean power for each speaker as well as for each high and low frequency section with no interference. Physical separation of the amplifiers for each speaker pair eliminates any possibility of undesirable interaction between the two channels such as crosstalk, etc.

As an active monitor, MPS2510P effectively eliminates the final, insurmountable unknown of loudspeaker design: What size, quality and type of amplification will be used to partner it? The performance advantages of assembling drivers, active crossover, cabinet and amplifier to work together as a unified system are enormous and bring with them corresponding practical benefits, eliminating costly amplifier enclosures, speaker cables and the need to make space for amplifiers in the listening room.

Coming from the MK Sound pro monitor range, MPS2510P incorporates useful room integration and connectivity features, including variable vertical directivity and a throughput for connection of multiple speakers per channel or for direct subwoofer connection.

Occupying less than a single cubic foot, the compact MK Sound 2510P system produces amazing output levels with tremendous clarity, extraordinary dialog intelligibility and sublime musicality.

  • Input Impedance: 15 kOhm unbalanced, 60 kOhm balanced
  • Input Sensitivity:
  • 90 dB SPL, 1 meter, unbalanced, 100mV
  • 90 dB SPL, 1 meter, balanced, 200mV
  • Max Output Level: 112 dB, 1 meter
  • Maximum Input: +24 dBu, balanced
  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 20 kHz, ± 3 dB
  • Vertical Directivity:
  • Wide Mode - 50 degrees
  • Narrow Mode - 30 degrees
  • 80 Hz Filter Type: Butterworth Q= 0.707
  • 80 Hz Filter Slope: 12dB/octave
  • 80 Hz Filter Switch: 24dB/octave
  • Power Amplifiers: Two channels, symmetrically balanced discrete bipolar transistors
  • Power Output Bas/Mid Amp: 180 Watts, 4 Ohm,0.004% THD,100 Hz
  • Power Output Tweeter Amp: 180 Watts, 4 Ohm, 0.01% THD, 3 kHz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 265 x 315 x 420 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Speaker Stands In Lifestyle Image Sold Separately.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Powered Monitor Speakers
Brand MK Sound
Finish/Colour Black
Enclosure Design Acoustic Suspension
Impedance (Nominal) Not Stated
Other Features 2-Way Design, 5-Drivers, LCR Speaker, Studio Monitor, Built-In Amplifier
Stands/Brackets Wall Brackets Optional Extra
Shipping Weight (kg) 22.0000
Price Range $14,997


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