Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Panel

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Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Diffuser Panels, Scattering Range: 600 Hz to 6,000 Hz

Price Shown For Pack Of Three Jaya Panels in Natural Wood, Lacquered Wood Finishes Also Available

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About the Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Panel

The Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Diffuser Panels look like part of a space craft and come in an attractive range of natural wood and bold lacquered finishes that look stunning in modern interiors.

Why Do I Need Sound Treatment? Even with the best speakers, the room you install them in will invariably change and colour the sound. That is why proper absorption and diffusion is critical. This is where Artnovion comes in. Artnovion combines the tradition of European design with the best of 21st-century technology. They have pushed the boundaries of acoustic engineering to offer a selection of products that combine high acoustic performance and unique visual effects.

Artnovion is not just for Home Theatres. Every room in your home could benefit from sonic treatment. Proper room treatment will not only improve the sound quality of the room, but will help isolate each room acoustically. Artnovion acoustic room treatments are available in over 1,000 colour and style combinations which can be customized to enhance literally any space. This means you will never have any issues matching and enhancing your existing décor no matter how classic or modern it is.

Artnovion Jaya Diffuser

The Jaya Diffuser is a product with an exquisite design, aiming to reach maximum high frequency diffusion. This handmade elliptic panel was designed to give you maximum efficiency in every way, particularly at high frequencies. The scattering of this panel begins at 600 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up to 6,000 Hz.

This premium product is available in wood finishes or in lacquered colours, making it ideal to be used on the front, back or side walls of your room, as well as ceilings. Lacquered Wood Finishes include: Blanc, Noir, Rouge, Silver, Noir Vintage, Graphite Black, Rose Gold, Classic Gold & Bronze. Natural Wood Finishes include: Cerise, Marron & Wenge. Jaya is only available as a square panel (595 x 595mm). Prices vary depending on finish.

Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Diffuser Panels

Artnovion Jaya acoustic panels are high efficiency diffusers. The scattering range is between 600 Hz and 6,000 Hz. Green line shows scattering coefficient. Grey line shows absorption coefficient.

Design & Installation

With over 1,000 possible product and colour combinations, choosing the correct Artnovion acoustic panels for your specific requirements can seem like a daunting task.  Fortunately our knowledgeable sales staff are always available to offer helpful advice on the design of your Artnovion Installation, no matter how large or small, and our fully trained technicians can deliver and professionally install the products at a time convenient to you. Please contact us for more information.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High Efficiency Diffuser
  • Purpose
    • Improving low frequency response
    • Flutter echo control
    • Specular reflection control
    • Enlarging sweet spot
  • Recommended for
    • Hi-Fi Listening Room
    • Media Room
    • Home Cinema
  • Type: 2D – Geometric Diffuser
  • Scattering Range: 600 Hz to 6,000 Hz
  • Available Fire Rating: Furniture Grade
  • Furniture Grade (FG) Materials
    • Natural Wood or Lacquered Wood
    • HMDF & Plywood structure
  • Available Fixing Systems (sold separately): Artnovion FixArt Tube
    • Note: When using FixArt Tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt Lock security device. This system guarantees safe and precise installation
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 595 x 595 x 150mm
  • Weight: 4.16kg per panel

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