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Custom Speakers > All Categories
Outdoor Speakers

The great outdoors offers yet another opportunity to enjoy your music. All of the outdoor speakers we carry are weather resistant, tested under extremely difficult environmental conditions. Shop This Category

Outdoor Rock Speakers

Bring your garden alive with sound! Give your plants something to sing about and enjoy your favourite tunes as you sit and relax outside. Shop This Category

In-Ceiling Speakers

The perfect solution! Almost unseen, easily painted and are available in performance levels from basic background to high-end. Also extremely popular as rear speakers in surround sound systems.  Shop This Category

In-Wall Speakers

OK, we have to admit that not everyone appreciates big speakers dominating the room! You're invited to visit for a demo. Performance levels are quite exceptional. Wow! Amazing!  Shop This Category

Invisible Speakers

Yes, you better believe it! There are actually speakers that can be integrated into your wall, then painted over with traditional wall paint. Come see, rather hear them in our Ringwood Showroom. Shop This Category

In-Wall Subwoofers

For some, even a 210mm (8") Cube is still too big as a Subwoofer! If it has to be heard but definitely not seen - even with the Subwoofer - then your prayers have been answered. Shop This Category

Professional Studio Speakers

You might be wondering what we mean when we list a category like this one. Well, we don't mean rock'n'roll band type speakers! MK (was M&K) is a top brand used by all sorts of Studios to monitor their recordings. Shop This Category

Speciality TV Speakers

These can double as either a TV speaker system for a small area or as a desk top computer speaker system. The amp is built-in to the subwoofer and they come complete with cables. Shop This Category.

Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers can stream all the digital music on your home network or mobile device as well as internet radio & online music services. How cool is that? Shop This Category

Desktop Audio

Improve the quality of the music stored on your Computer! These products are miniatures of high-end audio equipment for use with computers. Shop This Category

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