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Speaker Cables

No cables, no anything! So, they are obviously important. But which ones are right and how much should you spend? Well that depends on several factors including length and purpose.  Shop This Category

Home Theatre Cable Bundles

Our cable bundles come complete with quality connectors and the 5.1 surround bundles include a subwoofer cable. You are sure to get something good and at a sensible price. Shop This Category

Subwoofer Cables

Subwoofer Interconnects are specifically engineered with bass conductors to optimise low frequency signal transfer for fast-dynamic, transient bass. Shop This Category

RCA to RCA Cables

An essential accessory to any audio/hi-fi system, quality interconnects can make the difference between a good system and a superb system.  An upgrade from the ‘throw in’ or freebie cables is a must. Shop This Category

XLR to XLR Cables

Balanced XLR type Cables use two dedicated conductors to provide forward and return paths for signal. They are considered superior by High-End manufacturers and audiophiles. Shop This Category

HDMI Cables

HDMI is the uncompressed, all-digital interface that delivers crystal-clear digital video and is unmatched in its ease of use.  We sell only well known brands that are true to their specification!  Shop This Category

Digital Optical Cables

Universal disc players have provision for a Digital Optical / Toslink Cable which is designed to transfer digital audio signals between each suitable component with the minimum of loss. Shop This Category

Digital Coaxial Cable

Although Toslink (Fibre Optic) remains the most popular digital connector, many music lovers prefer the sound via a RCA Digital Coaxial Cable. XLR versions available to order. Shop This Category

USB - DAC Cables

Many Digital to Analogue Convertors (DACs) use USB to receive digital audio signals at bit rates up to 24-bit/192kHz. We don't bother with the $2 type, but do have 'serious' listener stuff! Shop This Category

Power Cords

Address the often dodgy mains quality in Australia with a well designed Power Cable that can help get good clean power to your product with better sound to your ears. Shop This Category

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