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QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution
Speaker Cable
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Ruby Anniversary EVOLUTION is a completely new speaker cable from QED laboratories in celebration of FORTY years at the forefront of UK speaker cable design. 


The What Hi-Fi? 5-Star Award winning QED Ruby Anniversary utilises “Aircore Technology™” in a new miniature format to bring high end cable philosophies to the budget hi-fi market. It builds on the success of XT Evolution and Ruby Anniversary cables with which it shares a family heritage but now incorporates increased conductor spacing to further reduce losses and distortions caused by cable capacitance.

This new geometry also utilises two conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal. This provides an alternative path for high frequency audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway.

A Closer Look

QED cables above 2.5mm2 cross sectional area utilise Aircore Technology to obviate the skin effect by bundling several separately insulated smaller cores together to make up a larger (CSA) Cross-Sectional Area. If these conductors are arranged around a hollow central core of polyethylene the self inductance exhibited by the cable can be reduced to around half that predicted by calculation. Aircore Technology™ is completely effective in pushing the onset of the skin effect outside of the audio band for cables of large cross–sectional area. Because great sonic benefits are gained from Ruby Anniversary 3mm2 Cross-Sectional Area, it is essential that the skin effect is dealt with to avoid unwanted non–linearity in the cable’s frequency response (see Bucking the Skin Effect). Because Aircore Technology also reduces the self-inductance of the cable to around half that expected of parallel conductor geometry by calculation, spacing can be increased to reduce capacitance without the extra inductance generated by this change causing audible problems in the cable performance. The use of quality dielectrics coupled with low capacitance means that the rate of energy loss in the cable (its dissipation factor) is extremely low at 0.0001 – QED's lowest ever figure for a speaker cable.

Oxygen Free Copper: To ensure a low resistance pathway for the signal and protection from oxidisation, QED Ruby Anniversary has five "rods" of 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper per conductor. This (OFC) is a type of copper that has been refined in an electrically charged solution and the process (called electrolytic refining) that causes the copper to have an exceptionally low level of oxygen, often less than one hundredth of a percent. It is commonly used for speaker wire, audio/video interconnect cables because of its theoretical higher conductivity and better ability to transfer low-frequency signals. QED believe it provides better clarity of sound.  Others say it lasts longer than other, less pure, copper wire.

For most consumers, OFC wiring is not going to be audibly different than any other type of copper wiring because the increase in conductivity is minimal and not due to the de-oxygenation of the wire. Rather, the process of electrolytic refining also removes other impurities, notably, iron, that can cause resistance. Even so, the increase in conductivity would not be noticeable unless the wire was extended more than 15 metres. However, the message it sends is that the manufacturer is giving you the best product available. There are many other things done to the copper wires that definitely help create individual brand and model audio character that are VERY noticable when combined with different electronics. We call it system matching and you will hear a difference. 

In The News

Since the beginning, QED have always attracted good reviews from the traditional press including What Hi-Fi 5 Stars & Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy - well regarded magazines from the UK.

“At first listen our system sounds livelier with the QED than with the AudioQuest 14/4. There's a more direct quality to the midrange and treble, and it seems to make precision a priority. It's engaging sound but lacks the 14/4 subtlety. The way it handles dynamics is particularly entertaining too. It's revealing, agile and offers a really open performance". What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision November 2013

Why Choose QED Cables?

In 1973 Bob Abraham and Ian Vine founded QED Audio Products and changed the way people think about hi-fi cables. By the time QED 79 strand was launched in 1978, it wasn’t considered' just another speaker cable' but a serious hi-fi component.

During 1994 QED conducted the most extensive ever scientific investigation into the effects of speaker cable on hi-fi system performance. Read the results in “The Genesis Report”. Hear the results whenever you listen to your favourite music using QED cables.

QED's reputation for innovation and technical excellence is known throughout the world. The latest computer-aided design techniques allow their research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. This is why QED speaker cables are recommended by so many of the world’s leading manufacturers of hi-fi and home theatre equipment.

QED is Europe's number one award winning connectivity brand and has won more prestigious cable awards from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’ magazine than any other brand (Awards 1981–2013).

QED - The Sound Of Science


  • Design: High-quality domestic speaker cable
  • High Performance low-density Polyethylene dielectric 
  • Cable geometry: Optimised for low dissipation factor and inter conductor leakage
  • Conductors: Five 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper rods per conductor
  • Cross-Sectional Area: AWG 12/3.0mm2
  • Jacket OD: 6.0mm
  • Loop resistance: 0.61 Ohms/m
  • Capacitance: 33.4 pF/m
  • Inductance: 0.69uH/m
  • Dissipation Factor @ 10kHz: 0.0001
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use in all domestic audio installations 
  • Country Of Origin: Made In England
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime -  Click here for full warranty terms and conditions.
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