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Welcome to Audio Trends.

Audio Trends is a different shopping experience. Sure, we love all the technical stuff and our product knowledge is second to none. But we love more than the boxes, more importantly...we love people.

Our people, the Audio Trends staff are genuinely committed to meeting your expectations and doing what is best for you. When discussing this introduction, we all agreed that it was meeting, getting to know and helping our customers that brought the most satisfaction to everyone. We really do love people! We don’t just say that we are committed to our customers with fancy slogans. We back up what we say with trained and enthusiastic staff who will give you the best advice and service – before and after the sale.

However, there is a lot to a company like Audio Trends, including the people. So for those a little more interested in us, our various backgrounds, our company policies etc., we have prepared some extra information. Simply scroll down and click on the section that interests you.

Audio Trends Showroom People

It is appropriate to start of with a look at the people who make Audio Trends tick. We have a dedicated group of enthusiastic staff who share your passion for fantastic audio visual and ‘smart-house’ equipment. Read More

Audio Trends Showroom Tour

Our Ringwood Showroom has been considered by overseas Manufacturer's as one of the best in the world. Check out the following page for an inside look. Read More

Audio Trends Company History

Who? Why? When? Where? These are questions that many new customers often ask us. After all, you cannot go to school and learn how to have a career in the audio visual business. Read More

Audio Trends Mission Statement

It is not just a mission statement because if we are honest we didn’t even now what a mission statement was when we first opened in 1978! So, this is also a statement of how we think you view retailers in general and how we think we should treat you. Read More

Audio Trends Trades People

With nothing to sell we wouldn’t have much of a business. But again it is the people who either make audio visual components or distribute the items we use in creating the best audio visual systems. Most of them have had interesting careers and we are sure you will be amused with some their stories. Read More

Welcome to Audio Trends
"We've been in the Audio Visual business for more than 40 years and have worked very hard to always deliver the best shopping experience for our customers. Our goal is to exceed your expectations"
- Mark Hales
General Manager
The Hi-Fi Magazine
Since 1983 we have produced dozens of Flyers and Brochures setting a high standard for accurate, helpfull presentations of the latest in Home Entertainment Trends. Download our latest Brochure now.