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Imagine music, rich and dynamic, always sounding its absolute best, whether played softly or loudly any location you choose. Imagine vibrant video that can recreate the ultimate movie experience. Whole house stereo and video systems are surprisingly affordable and very simple to operate. Yes, movies, television, music and much more when and where you want it and with no visible wires or ugly black boxes… your dream becomes reality!

Ever started watching a DVD or Blu-ray movie in the lounge or family room but it gets too late and you want to retire to bed? Maybe you have a DVD or Blu-ray player and TV in the bedroom. Now imagine being able to access your entire movie and music collection, or watch the rest of that DVD or Blu-ray movie from any room without the need for several separate home entertainment systems!

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Total Flexibility

A properly planned and installed multi-room system will offer you access to your music and movie collection in any room you choose – even the garden and garage. No  more portable radios to contend with in the bathroom and just think of the extra space you’ll gain in the kitchen without that micro system taking up valuable counter space!  

Tell Me How It Works

Now think of all the time you’ve wasted looking for CDs, DVDs or even Blu-ray discs. With a multi-room system all your content is stored 'electronically' in one convenient location and can be easily accessed using a number of methods including iPhone, iPad or wall mounted keypads and clever remotes often called controllers. Other family members can even enjoy different music and video in different rooms at the same time. Or maybe you’re having a party and want the same music in the living room, kitchen and hallway? All this is possible thanks to a well designed multi-room entertainment system.

And That’s Not All

How many times have you wished that great hi-fi sound didn’t mean seeing ugly black boxes, ungainly speakers and lots of messy wires?

All that can be history with a multi-room system. Yes, you still need the black boxes and cabling, but you don't need them to be in your face! All the control components and sources such as music and video servers, Blu-ray players, tuners etc are hidden away in one centralised service area and connected to each room using cables hidden within the wall (or roof if renovating) cavities.


A Closer Look - Multi-Room Audio

Music has been a major part of life in every culture since man first walked the earth. Today is no different except for the fact we want more! Joggers, commuters, motorists all enjoy music on the move. Now you can be on the move at home and enjoy your music in any room at any time. What's more, you can have different family members enjoying their favourite music in different zones simultaneously and at different volume levels. There are different ways to achieve this goal.


Home Theatre Receiver

Selected models, and usually the high-end Home Theatre Receivers from Denon, NAD & Yamaha feature what is termed Multi-Source/Multi-Zone functions. The choice in source material is limited to whatever you can connect to the Receiver with three different sources usually being the maximum. Amplification for the extra speakers can be accessed by either re-assigning any extra in-built 'surround effect' amplification or by adding extra external Power Amplifiers. Control can be either by volume controls or remote sensors. Connecting a Sonos System (see next topic) with access to external music libraries is a popular addition.


Computer Stored Music

Many of us are now buying music downloads from places like iTunes and storing them on our Computer. One company, Sonos, have developed a simple to operate system that can access both music stored on your computer or external hard drives as well as your 'normal' music sourced via your hi-fi system. Now it gets even better. The Sonos system can be operated wirelessly, well apart from the necessity to connect the various components to power and to speakers. And even then, there is the  Sonos Play 5  which is completely stand alone with in-built amplifiers and speakers! The system can be configured into as many rooms as you wish and is in many cases a diy installation. Sonos also offers 'anubis' - a music streaming library - that allows you to access over 2,000,000 tracks for a small monthly contribution. Wish this had been around 30 years ago!

Click here to find out more about the Sonos Multi-room music system.


A Closer Look - Multi-Room Video

For some, Multi-Room Video means being able to watch different Television programs including Foxtel on any TV. This is one, but dare we say, simple and very basic part but is not in the correct sense Multi-Room Video. If this is all you want, then yes we can help.

There are a few tricks to getting it right in multiple rooms and one is not to use your electrician! Please leave your 'sparky' to the high voltage AC power department and allow our specialist antenna installers who are expert in designing and installing multi-room TV outlet systems! Each to their own field of expertise is a good plan. Honestly, we are not trying to drum up extra business here, but as the last guys in, we are often looked upon to 'fix-up' problems in this area and if we can, it adds additional cost blow-outs.

In most two-storey dwellings we can do very little or sometimes nothing! Don't  make the mistake and think that getting this right is just a matter of lots of cable, an amplifier and some splitters because it simply isn't. Plus, because we have the knowhow, we can usually design and install a system that works perfectly at around the same price or less.


However, Multi-Room Video in the fullest sense means more. Remember we mentioned how you could be enjoying a DVD or Blu-ray movie in the lounge-room, but want to watch the rest in bed? One way is to have a player in every location you have a TV and physically take the disc to the bedroom or other location - to bad that it takes forever to reload the disc and then even more time to find the last spot by which time you'll probably be asleep anyway! The smarter way is to have a system that 'distributes' all the video signals to all your TVs simultaneously. Movies can be stored on computer servers or via one or more individual players.


Now this is where things start to get interesting. Over the last 20 or so years, a number of companies have had a go at developing Multi-Room Music and Video distribution systems. Most have gone the way of the Dodo bird and some rely on a mish mash of different components from other companies to make their systems work.

For those that have already done a bit of homework on this subject, you will agree that the three brands we recommend offer the complete solution. For those that are just starting, you will come to the same conclusion as we have and that is that these three are the best available and particularly in Australia where all three have complete technical back-up and after-sales service from competent distributors who themselves have had decades of experience in the field.


The Smart Home

A term that we are now all familiar with is the Smart Home. This is more than just audio visual, but encompasses everything that can be connected to a power point - well almost! Often referred to as Home Automation, it includes automation of lighting, security, drapes, heating and cooling systems, household appliances and audio visual components and systems. Of course, with the advent of 'solid-state' technology in the early 1960's it wasn't long before Amplifiers came with the ability to connect a second pair of Speakers, then came the infra-red Remote Control and Home Theatre. At the same time, the PC was getting more powerful and the Internet arrived.

So it has been a natural progression for us to take up the challenge and bring it all together under the one roof. What is interesting is that the three world leaders in this field of Home Automation all started with Multi-Room Audio and have grown from that strong background! Why? Because that's the fun bit. It's why we want to go home. Sure, it's nice to have the garage door open automatically, or the drapes to close when it get's to sunny, but music and movies motivate us - we get excited about them. Well, we do anyway! So here's a brief look at the top three brands that can do just a part or all of the following: (1) Multi-Room Music; (2) Multi-Room Video; (3) Lighting Control; (4) Home Automation. We present them in alphabetical order.



Total Home Technology from Crestron streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Crestron's award-winning Total Home Technology Solution eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature and of course your audio/video components. Whether from an easy-to-use colour touchpanel, remote or a customised keypad, total control is always at your fingertips. Crestron applications also include Multi-room audio and video and can be used in planes, boats and we suppose trains! Find Out More About Crestron



Or more correctly, ELAN Home Systems who are located in Lexington, Kentucky, USA has manufactured innovative multi-room audio/video systems since 1989. Their systems were the first to integrate music, intercom and television distribution features that used the homeowner’s stereos, televisions and telephones to create the entire home entertainment experience. These “systems” allowed people to move room to room, controlling and accessing centrally located audio and video equipment with ease, and providing indispensable in-home communications for everyday living. A very interesting point is that ELAN’s management team has a collective 400 years of audio and video industry experience. Like us, they think like 'audiophiles' and so you are guaranteed to have an ultimate experience. Learn More About Elan


How We Can Help

Over the years Audio Trends has developed into a lot more than a specialist home entertainment store. Since 1995 we have embraced multi-room audio and video distribution systems and our Ringwood showroom was purpose built in 2004 to cater for the increased consumer demand for quality Home Theatre design, home automation and energy-efficient power and lighting technologies.

If you are planning to start your ‘dream’ home or simply extending or renovating, then pre-wiring your home at frame-stage for all, or just some of these modern day systems is a smart idea. Planning for the future in technology will also mean less expense later. Audio Trends will also work closely with your builder, architect and interior designer. Audio Trends also offer a custom furniture design and building service.

Our Lifestyle Projects Manager, Simon Lee on a wide range of commercial and domestic projects! So, whatever you're planning, we can manage everything and with the high level of personal service and professionalism that has made us successful for over 3 decades. We therefore cordially invite you to make an appointment to come and discuss the possibilities.

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