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Luxman E-200
Phono Pre-Amplifier
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The Luxman E-200 Phono Pre Amplifier/Equaliser is designed for use on very high quality Turntable/Cartridge combinations. It is full of useful features and superb sound quality.


Luxman's E-200 phono stage is superb in its resolution as well as its versatility and functionality. With its three gain settings - up to 63dB - it will allow connection with any Moving Magnet and both low or high output Moving Coil cartridges. The E-200 has two inputs, is equipped with both a mono switch for enjoyment of mono LPs as well as a subsonic filter switch (30Hz cut). This takes the "pressure" away form your amplifier and speakers and in particular reduces extreme excursion on your woofers, especially if you decide to get a little carried away with the volume control! A high level of S/N ratio has been achieved by introducing the NF equaliser method for the circuit to obtain a improved level of sound quality equivalent to high grade models.

Also most useful is the inclusion of a front-panel activated cartridge demagnetizer to keep your MC cartridge in tip-top shape at the push of a button. Beautiful solid aluminum front panel similar to what is found on Luxman's high-end series.

Eighty years of legendary construction, great features, amazing sound quality...what more can you ask for at this price? The Luxman E-200 is a wonderful piece of music gear... hear it for yourself and you'll be just as impressed as we and audiophiles around the world.

  • Input Sensitivity MM: 4mV, MC high: 0.4mV, MC low: 0.18mV.
  • Input Impedance MM: 47KΩ, MC high: 40Ω, MC low: 2.5Ω.
  • Gain MM: 36dB, MC high: 56dB, MC low: 63dB.
  • Output/ Output Impedance 250mV/300Ω.
  • Circuit Design: Build-in MC step up transformer, NF type equalizer.
  • Front Panel: Power switch, Cartridge switch(MM/MC high/MC low), Input switchable button(2way), mono switch, subsonic switch(30Hz/-3dB), Cartridge demagnetizer switch.
  • Rear Panel: Input 2, Output 1, Signal ground terminal, AC inlet.
  • Power/Power Consumption: AC 230V(50Hz)/4Watts.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 364 x 84 x 257mm.
  • Weight: 4.4kg.
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Luxman E-200
Phono Pre-Amplifier
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